A bit of bragging

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Picked from my yard this afternoon. We've had a very mild fall, and only one frost, and that was this weekend. I covered most of the garden because the peppers are still producing. I went to pull some of the feral lemon basil because the cold burned it, even if it was protected, and there underneath were a couple of vines from the Sun Gold and yellow current tomatoes. I had a handful with supper, and will have some more with lunch tomorrow. Yum!


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Mine are all gone too. Everything in the garden is finished now. I asked the girls why I didn't hear back from them when I e-mailed them about wanting some pumpkins, but even though Mya remembered that I had e-mailed, it just slipped through the cracks. They have sat out there too long now and you can see they have begun to decay internally. I have over thirty pumpkins sitting out there. I will plant some again next year, but not that many. I think I am going to plant butternut squash next year along with one Hubbard plant.
I wrapped the tomato cages in plastic and I have 4 out there. Have no idea if they will make it through the winter. My new experiment. I blame this experiment on Marie. She is talking about maters in the winter every year.
We're supposed to have several nights in the low 30's at the end of the week, so that will probably be it for me. The temptation is to try and nurse them along a bit longer, but I really need to get the garden cleaned out and get some compost in so the soil will be ready for spring planting.

I have tons of peppers still producing, I think I've only lost a few. I think my focus this week is going to have to be processing some of them and getting them put up. I have requests for poppers for some of the Christmas gatherings and I haven't put many of them up.

Lyn, keep us updated on your tomatoes, if you would. I'm interested in how well the plastic works.
I have lots of bananas growing. This is the first year to have them. I sure hope they mature before we get a freeze but I don't know.
Well, there was a pretty heavy and unexpected frost last night, so I think that puts an official end to my season.

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