A Christmas Treat!

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What a treat! A great new gardening site! And I get to join on the ground floor! :D What a nice Christmas surprise!
See a lot of folks I know, some I'm not sure of the name and then folks I haven't met - yet ;) - looking forward to chatting with everyone.

Bob, we haven't met before, but I have heard some great things about you, so am delighted to visit your new playground.
I visit a few sites, but use the same name (DizzyDaff or DizzyDaffodil) at all of them. Randy's grand-daughter made the oh-so-cute avatar I use these days! I just love it!
Forum Leader at one site, and experienced trader at many. Love to share my extra seeds. :p Have made some great friends through gardening and sharing online - lovely to see so many friends here!

I'm in zone 5a - COLD, harsh winters (we're below zero this week). As you get to know me, you'll find I am dizzy over daffodils, love lillies, prefer peonies, vie for violets, hum about hostas, beg for begonias; and am generally up to "something" all the time - there - I admitted it! :p
Susann ~
Hi, Susann! I haven't been able to make that 'friend' thingy work. It boots me and I have to log back in when I try. Good to see you here.
Hi'ya Randy! Hope you & MF had a wonderful anniversary! Great to be here! Looks like it's going to be lots of fun!
She made a special dinner last night for the family. We were supposed to go out but that got cancelled. We have been having snow and ice, so we don't wander far when that happens.
We're getting it right after you - it's COLD here! How cold is it? ..... It's so cold..... Grandpa’s teeth were chattering - in the glass! Or how about...
It's so cold... the dogs are getting stuck to the fire hydrants!
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That's pretty doggone cold. Our furnace is off now. We just had our tank filled with oil so we have it off so any sediment will settle before we start the furnace up again. The suspended particles in the fuel can plug up the fuel nozzle and then you have no heat.
I don't think we will turn the furnace back on until tomorrow morning. I'll be crawling into bed in about another hour and I won't get cold.
hehehe.... yep, snuggled up in bed is the best place to be! My honey is working tonight, so I'll prob be up late.
Hey Dizzy.............Welcome..............no doubt you will enjoy it here......:)
We got more snow last night and everything was very pretty this morning. I started baking cookies after breakfast and made up three plates of them to take out. I wrapped them and put a card with each plate and took one to the post office, one to the bank we deal with and the third one went to the fire department.
That's such a nice thing to do Randy! A box came in the mail for me today - Annette sent me some of her frost-kissed snowmen! Yum!
A fellow came by trying to make some extra money, so we hired him to clean off the driveway & sidewalks. Kept my honey from having to do it after he got home from nightshift, so it helped us and the fellow.
Welcome Dizzy, glad to see you. Hope your weather doesn't get too bad...still warm here in the 70's but I hear that's going to change soon...shucks..I'd already pulled out my summer shorts again! My hydrangia's are putting out new growth and my daffs are 4 inches tall already. I guess I'll lose Spring blooms because of this strange weather but I'll take it anytime before having to deal with ice and snow..stay warm.
I mailed 5 boxes lat week. I think all were pretty much on the east coast. One of the boxes was just hazelnuts. I found out the husband in that couple really liked them and I had picked up a bunch of them after they harvested the orchard next to us.

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