A couple canning questions

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1. Has anyone ever canned squash--if so-how did it turn out?

2. How long do canned( home canned) tomatoes last? I found about 6 quarts of tomatoes on the shelf that have '05 on them. There is no discoloration or "growth" of any kind. Will they still be ok to eat?
Randy will be the one with the most experience however , I have canned squash. yellow, and I just processed like the book says and it was great. Can't remember the time sorry.

My tomatoes from year before last are still good. I used some a week ago. As long as there is no dicoloration, no foamy bubbles and you boil the crap out of them you should be fine;)
I have canned squash and it turns out just fine...But to be honest freezing it is better for the textures....

Now you will get many answers on how long to keep canned goods...I personally would have no problem with canned foods from 05...when you open them just make sure the seal is still on good and you will hear the pop when you unseal...middle of the seal would be down just a bit...
Yep, good advice all around. I have not canned squash, but I freeze the winter squash after cooking (baking) it. Canning it would work too though. I read that canning summer squash doesn't work too well, so I've never tried it. I think I would opt for freezing that too. I still have plenty of winter squash in the freezer from last year though, so I won't do any new product this year. I will use some of the squash though but store them in the basement. They will store well for months down here. I will take that large Hubbard to the nursing home after I take some photos of it.

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