A few of my Dahlias from this summer

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I didn't get many pictures, but I had some real beauties this summer. Here are the few pictures I managed to take. I had a couple new ones this year and wish I would have gotten pictures :(


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:D:D:D Aren't they just lovely!
Do you know any names and do you know how tall they got and do they all bloom at the same time frame?

Im just learning about them, haven't gotten too educated yet.
Not much solid to the point info found yet.
I started many from seed and bot tubers! hopefully I packed them correctly and Hubby doesn't find and move them from his closet.He did that to my Voo Doo Lilies, wow thought something killed the cat *LOL
It was terrible...:eek:

Thanks for sharing! I think my favorite is the Yellow!
Welcome back SM
I love dahlias and have a couple but have a hard time over wintering them. They usually dry out or rot on me
Kale the yellow one is Seatle...the other two came in a grab bag I believe...on the mobile and the site tends to time out on lengthy post so will post more details when I am able to get on computer
Laurie...I dig mine, place them in big cardboard boxes, and dump a bunch of peat moss in with them. I store them in our unheated garage. I do the same with the glads and cannas...have had them around 6-7 years
Kale, the yellow is Seattle...it grows about 3 ft and blooms from August til I dig them in October. I potted a couple this year and they kept blooming in the garage. I worry that they may rot now because that is not how I usually store them...will have to see. The blooms on the Seattle is 6-9". It is very similar to the reddish purple Mystery Day. This is a picture from the year before. It bloomed this year and was gorgeous but for some reason...I didn't take any pictures.

The white is from a grab bag from Michigan Bulb. It is more compact and doesn't have to be staked as much. I have a Blue Bell (second picture below)I got from a friend from GA. I usually stake them together and the white and purple took great together. The flowers on both are 3-5".

The salmon dahlia I got from a friend in RI. It was not named. It is a minature and is very compact and does not need staked at all. It is hard to cut these because there is hardly any stem. It is loaded in flowers and is a gorgeous bushy plant. Flowers are less than 3".

I also have some really tall ones. Barbarosa is a tall 6 ft plant with bright red flowers (picture 3) I also have a very tall bright pink (picture 4) and bright yellow (picture 5). These both came from the Michigan Bulb grab bag. I also have some tall Peaches and Cream and Bill McKnight. They are both very pretty but once again no pictures...sorry.

I have two dinnerplates. I have a huge yellow Kelvin Floodlight and Pink striped Maki.

Oh and I almost forgot about the Cactus Dahlias. I have a pink/white cactus from the grab bag. I also have a named one, Sunburst. Out of room to post here so I will post their pictures down below along with a picture of Kelvin Floodlight...didn't capture Maki...sorry.


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Kelvin Floodlight, Pink Cactus Dalia, Sunburst Cactus Dahlia


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Beautiful. I got some from Sunflower last summer and they were beautiful. I can't wait for them to reproduce this year! They are deep dark red and just wonderful
They are all beautiful Smelly. Sunflower sent me some too but they didn't bloom. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have grown some before but never a bloom. Maybe you all can help me with them as I love them so much. I would love to see mine bloom next year.
WOW Excellent. Very pretty....
I am partial to growing the forms like that of Seattle.
It is gorgeous the perfect form floors me.
I enjoy the others as far as their beauty.I am trying to understand what gives them thier form,which are extreme differences. Heights vary so much .
I think I prefer to grow the shorter more compact (my first year and height was 3feet) Although, I sure wouldn't mind growing a dinnerplate or two:) Ok I confess I like them all ...*lol
I can't bear to look at them they are so beautiful. I just dont have the $ or the space...(me thinking...can be a sign of danger...*lol) hummm how deep must the soil be to grow them, lets say....on my driveway, how high must I make the beds to get good healthy Dahlia plants?
Are any birds attracted to any particular Dahlia flower? Pests/bug ? Is PM an issue with any of them that you know of ?
Hummm... wondering are the forms known by which breeder ? That pink puffy sure is pretty....Pink Cactus Dahlia....:D

Crabber I received tubers from Sunflower3 also:)

These are some tricks I have picked up along the way. Plant the tubers only 1-2 inches below the soil...could be you are planting them too deep, hence no blooms. You should not water them until they sprout up, otherwise, they may rot in the ground. They don't light to be fertilized...keep the miracle grow away...lol!! The bed I put mine in is a raised bed of top soil, sand, and compost. I always toss in a bunch of leaves in the fall when I pull them out for storage. The sand is more for me I think...it keeps the soil from clumping up too much and makes it much easier to get them out of the ground in the fall...pretty much just reach in and pull up. I have never divided my tubers..could be after division, they have to mature to bloom. I love the dahlias so much, I should move south so I don't have to dig them...but then could I have peonies? Guess I will just stick to zone 5 :D
I was wondering how high of a raised be must I build to place dahlias in there, no soil level below, it will be on my driveway concrete.
I have several tubers that I received as a surprise from the Dahlias I started from seed this past April, along with the one Sunflower3 sent me :)

The ones from seed went a good 7inches below ground,those were a mixed seed that I speak of, no telling who they were.They were suppose to get 2ft tall but most plants did not.Some were n small pots that didn't bloom at all.
Yes, I wouldn't mind a much longer season but would not want to give up my gifts the
Peonies (Bowl Of Beauty) ...

Boy, I don't know Kale. I would probably put a couple inches of soil on the concrete, then the tubers, then a couple more inches of soil ontop the tubers. Mine really don't go down too much...they send out these roots sideways. Could be because I have heavy clay below and nice composted soil ontop so they prefer to grow sideways instead of down.
Can't wait to see your dahlias this yr Melissa. I had a few overwinter for me so planted them.I don't have a garage so keep them in the cellar. Maybe I should put them in the shed, it's not heated or insulated either.

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