A First for me

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Kya D

Active Member
Yesterday while my hubby was out in the garden there in my swiss chard was a RATTLESNAKE.:eek: That is the 1st time for a rattlesnake in the yard. It sure is going to make me alot more cautious when I'm out there:(
I don't think even a rattler would keep me out of the garden. I'd walk lightly and carry a big stick.

I'm glad your husband saw it in good time. I'm sure if he hadn't you'd have told a different story.
Dawn you and hubby keep and eye out for them,glad it didn't strike him.I'm seeing alot of blacksnake here,mom had one in her house she hit it with a baseball bat.lol
Tis the snake season! Hoping all my garden friends are careful. I've begun to carry a small flashlight at night...our driveway is not very well lit and I would hate to come up on a coiled rattler in the dark!!!!
Is one thing I don't have to worry about around here are the bad snakes. Mine are just the bug and rodent eaters.
Thank you all I sure do keep a lot better eye open in my garden than I use to. Up till now there have only been "Nice" snakes in my yard.
Randy he "SMOTE" it to death. And my swiss chard with it
The chard wasn't a fatality it is in critical condition but I think it will make
Randy you are really so funny. I love your humor it is kinda like mine. A little warped but really funny
I have a couple of engineer friends and I think most engineers have a bit of an odd sense of humor, but I find them hilarious. I'm glad the chard is going to make it though. I haven't planted any chard for several years. I couldn't get the family to even try it. I think they missed the boat. It's much more forgiving than spinach. I like spinach too, but it doesn't produce for long.

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