A Flowering Tree...

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Looking to id this tree any clue.
Blooming right now in MI.

Thanks A Bunch.



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It can be whatever you say I haven't a clue*LOL

hehehehe, no. Apples bloomed already, leaves are full in the tree now. OK... Crab apple are done blooming, don't know anything else. Oh the flowering Pears bloomed just about done flowering.I think that is it that I know.
I can find out whatever else, I would have to go there to look and get pics.

By the looks of the leaves I would say apple or pear, but who am I? All of those would have 5 petals on the flowers too. Just my guess though.
A producing apple?
Our crabapple's blooms are gone.
Not an ornamental pear a real pear? You know eat the fruit kinda pear tree.

Apple or Pear...

Here April 24th I took a few blurry pics when I was there.
Not sure where it starts or where it ends or the history, my friend just bought this house last fall.

When I took the pics (MI.) forsythia was blooming and had no leaves yet.(not sure if that helps)

That would be nice if it was a producing apple!
I wonder what kind!:eek::confused::)

The closer pic is one of the twigs you see hanging down closest to the viewer.

Thank you.



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It looks like an apple to me. I have an unknown apple tree, but I couldn't get a fix on what kind it is. I know it's a late apple as it still has fruit into the fall. But it stumped the experts and I found out there are over 7,000 apple varieties. Since I couldn't find out for sure what it was, I named it after a friend of mine and it is now a Beaman Apple. Only one of its kind in the world. LOL
*lol very nice Randy ..I have a rose named after my sister..it is called "Big Sister" *(Yellow her fav color rose) and only after my daughter it is "Little Sister" (pink her fav ) and one after my MIL which is "Caroline Rose" and what is great is her middle name is Rose! She was thrilled it was an anniversary gift (to me and I didn't know what to name it for a few months), she was deadly ill for several months and while there (in hosp then rehab) I cheered her by telling her I had the perfect name and told her ; she sure was pleased.
I sure made her day :) I will never forget the look in her eyes and the hug she gave me:)

so..tel my friend it is an apple..non fruiting apple ,correct?
Oh! the flowers are now white,I do not know if they turned or produced another round of flowers but..they are white.I took several pic..I think it is a weeping or it got struck by lightening*LOL A pond is planned to be put under it .is that a NO NO ? will we hurt the roots of the apple tree ?

Thank you !

WEll, if you start seeing little apples, it might be a regular tree. I was out working in the orchard today and my pear trees are loaded with pears about the size of peas. There are thousands of them. I will try and get out there and thin out most of them or I will have a lot of broken branches.
I have a wild crab apple tree out back and it gets flowers like that, but the apples are about 1/2 inch around. Tiny little things. But my Cortland has blossoms like that. It's still have some now and I'm in zone 5.

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