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Kya D

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Has a christmas cactus it is blooming now but for some reason not only are the buds dropping off but several of the leaves that the buds are attached to are falling off too.:eek:
If anyone knows what is causing this PLMK so I can tell her. :confused:
Yes,it could be wet feet that is the problem. Also,if you leave the plant alone in 1 location and not move it around from place to place to.... that also could help. I have shared some pics of my Yellow Christmas Cacti and I have had it for about 4 maybe 5 years now -- when I got it ( mail service ) the poor thing was almost beyond any hope. I repotted the plant,gave it a good drink and left it alone for about a month - yes,I gave it water as needed,but that was all! Today,it's starting to take shape and showing off every now again to boot! Wet feet can always hurt a plant more then anything - I agree with Blue 100%,but I just had to add that extra Phil touch into the mix as well as I stated above! Good Luck,you just might have came to the right place with your question!! :p
I will tell her what y'all have said. I know she has had this plant for several years and she knows better than move it.
Thanks for the advice.

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