? about liriope grass

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first let me say hi to everyone as i'm new in here. my question for anyone that may be able to help is this, i have some liriope grass that is mostly green after the winter,but has some brown tips. Do i need to trim these brown tips off, cut the grass back, or leave it alone. It's not a plant i've ever had before so i'm not really sure and don't want to do the wrong thing. help:eek: thanks!


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Welcome to our forum!
Liriope grass is pretty tough!
Give it a fairly good clipping, new growth will cover any mistakes you make!
They alwys look a bit ragged at this time of the year.

Kya D

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Welcome to our little corner of the world. Butterfly Chick I hope you enjoy it here


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Welcome to the forum Butterflychick. I don't know your zone but I'm in zone 6 and I always have my husband cut mine back in the fall or late winter with the weedeater. They are tough so like Ron said clip them back and they and let the new growth take over.


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Thanks Ron and Maggie for your tips and welcome Thanks Kya D for your welcome also:)
i was thinking that cutting it back was gonna be the way to go, though i wish i had done it in the fall. Hope it dosen't take to long for the new growth to take over.

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