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One of the most popular features on Jackie's forum was the "off topic topic", where folks got together and got to know one another. It was by far the busiest category in the forum, with folks talking constantly.

There were lots of serious discussions there, and lots of fun too. The silly stuff was something that a lot of folks were passionate about. Some people love the jokes and games and puzzles. Other people hated it, thought it was silly, and even asked us to ban it. It was amazing how strongly some of the folks on both sides of the debate felt on this matter!

So, as an experiment, I've created this topic as a second off topic area. We can use the "over the garden fence" topic for general off topic stuff, as well as more serious discussions. This topic will be the place to play around. Post your jokes, puzzles, word games, whatever.

That way folks that enjoy that sort of thing will know exactly where to find it. Folks who don't enjoy it will know that if they see a post in this topic, and they're not in the mood for silly stuff, they can simply ignore it.

That will allow folks to easily determine whether or not they want to participate.
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SO over the garden fence is not the same thing? Should we move the Garden Bench tocpic her? Sorry if I put it in the incorrect place.
SO over the garden fence is not the same thing? Should we move the Garden Bench tocpic her? Sorry if I put it in the incorrect place.

The garden bench topic is fine right where it's at. That's the idea of that topic, a general place to talk and get to know one another.

This topic is for actual jokes, as in "Did you hear the one about the carrot...", word games, such as where you post a word and then somebody else uses the last letter to make a new word, and puzzles etc.

Those things, especially the word games, tend to take on a life of their own. If they're in a general discussion topic, they often bump the other posts down so quickly nobody notices them. So we've created a place just for jokes and games.

General chit-chat, how are you doing, how's the weather etc can all stay in OTGF, they're exactly what I had in mind for that one.

Once we get a few more posts in each topic it will become clearer for everyone.
I re-read and understand ...thanks. I can be a bit slow at times...:(

That's perfectly all right, I'm glad you asked. It's a bit of a fine distinction, and I'm sure there were others who were wondering what the difference was. You were simply brave enough to ask, which allowed me to clarify it a bit more for everyone.
well, you know it is a fine line between brave and slow at understanding;) brave would be my pick ...LOL thanks
Sounds good Bob
We'll try to keep the jokes, games, etc in the cafe

Yep, that's the general idea. Now obviously there will be a few jokes and wisecracks in other places (After all, I'm here, so you know there will be plenty of smart aleck remarks...) but for the serious funny business, this is the place to be!
All I would like to say is you do an incredible job managing this site and a hearty thank you ~ Curbhopper
I thought the games, jokes were in the cafe area, I guess I didn't know that they were
in the OTGF area. Hummm
Anyway I would like to commend Bob on handling THIS site in such a great way.
I do feel like a the people here are family and love the way the site is running.
as you all can see by the date ...it was from 2008 ...and I do think we are in 2009..he he he...when the site was first starting up was when we were getting things in the correct place...love you
Well DUH I didn't even look at the date
I couldn't figure what Jackies forum was.
Jackie was the lady that had the old Garden Guides....many of us meet on there...when it was sold it was not the family place we knew so Bob waited a year and began this place...
what ever this place is.....

and i thank BOB for this thread/post???? and i have a question...is ok to plant daffodil bulbs i inherited in september now in ZONE 7B???? i don't have room in my fridge for them..they have no soft spots or rot....what do you think? i say what the heck...they were free and i have about 200 of them....unless some one else wants to take some of them off my hands..??...
HOLY COW! 200 of them? I'm in zone 7 and mine are already almost blooming (ones that came in a flower arrangement IN the house bloomed yesterday) I'd think plopping them in the ground now would be a great idea. They might not bloom thid year but I doubt they'll bloom in the frig either :) How did you get 200 daf bulbs? You and Earl the Pickle, plantin' bulbs :)~ Curbie
If you want to liquidate some I'll be happy to make a deal with you. I sure don't need 200 thpough LOL! Let me know if you want to get rid of any. I had my first house and I had 100's planted at the front gate. They were beautiful , but I was not dutiful in digging them. I guess they just melted away:(
I've never dug up bulbs b/c our squirrels do. They love bulbs ~ WOOHOO, this is a fresh one.I have been known to be heard saying,"I'm going to HURT you." It is easier for me to feed the squirrels peanuts. 4 cats, a dog, and nobody bothers the squirrels when they come on the deck for the peanuts (and we have a dogdoor). The kitten chases the squirrel in such a playful way. Curbie
I have planted daff bulbs all through the year and always pop up and most bloom the first year...Near Sacramento CA there is a place called daffidille (SP?) hill...there are millions there ....it is amazing site...

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