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I need help with leaf rooting in water I have been using wheaton bitters bottles for this but I have run out of bottles and space. I really need ideas for something that can be hung in the window. Anyone have ideas.
sfisher African violets do not like any water on their leaves. If you are trying to propagate them you can do that by taking a leaf and cutting it down the center and then place the 2 sliced ends in some soil, keeping the top 1 inch of the soil moist , but not wet until it roots and starts pushing new babies. The plants like lots of humidity but not wet soil. They do very well in well lit bathrooms or near the kitchen sink. Hope this helps.
Well I do not know how you are going to hang in the window, they are tiny and need tending I'm guessing..I just root on my little shelves over the sink.Maybe a foam egg carton with plastic wrap snug fitted with pin holes for the stem??? Place on the fridge? And have a stepper to check on them every day..
Time to get inventive*LOL

I have 2 african violets that were given to me, they are doing GREAT!

I have never tried to start one from leaves...I think I am up to the challenge!
Are they easy? How long before bloom?


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LOL Treva....Well, I am not blond and I am way slow on gettings things down...LOL

I was reading through the How To on doing this...and think it would be fun...I only have on plant is two years old was blooming away but have not seen a bloomin a year I think I need to do soemthing...any way neighbor has many africab violets blooming away...I think I will ask her if i can have a leaf or two off her plants...
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It would be FUN to have alot of different varieties, and its always rewarding when you started them from babies!!:D
I have been rooting my leafs in water for some time now and I also mist my avs. It is their crowns that do not like water. The leaves I started in November have their first set of real leaves. They are currently water by wicking and under greenlights. I am just looking for ideas for rooting containers. Bitters bottles tend to be expensive. I have several NOID purple avs. I also have frozen in time, pink dove, and rambling lassie. After we move I plan on window shelves for my minis. I love minis
sfisher how are your AV's doing? I was just wondering if you got any more to develop roots? How about pics of progress?
swindy lol yes I have had seveal develop roots. After they had roots in the water I put them in dirt in a ray with water so far so good 1 has 2 true leaves and I took away the mother leaf and 1 the leaf rotted. I do have 1 more noid that is in dirt but no signs of leaves yet. They seem to be doing better in the tiny clay pots I think the one that rotted was in too big of a plastic pot. I have a new batch in water 2 NOID micro mini 2 mini and 4 frozen in time. I can try to figure out how to post pics in a little while
my grandmother used to have lots of them. she would use small glass jars with water and put a piece of saron wrap over the top, slit a hole and stick the leaf in the hole
they would always root for her
when i was at a friends this fall inny, we went over to her moms and her mom has about 40 av's they were all in bloom and were beautiful
i have one and it has not bloomed since my cousin gave it to me, my mom got one the same time and hers is blooming all the time, my house might be too cool for it compared to the temps at my moms is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to