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I’m Paige. Brand new here and new to hobby gardening. I’m here for indoor large pot (20 gal) vegetable grow bags. I live in a condo that is ground floor but does not get any sunlight inside. It’s also in Hawaii across from the ocean and is sunny, very warm, and dry 350 days a year or so. (So desert like conditions and high salinity). I really want to garden and I love living with plants, so I looked at a way to do this indoors. I’ve made my own little greenhouse(ish) thing from a portable clothes rack (wardrobe) I found on Amazon (5’4”t x 5’0”l ). Watched some videos on lights, looked at certain veggie light spectrums and settled on lights and seeds. Watched more about seed starting, and then later got a small clip on fan after I got reality checked on mold... back on track, I think. It’s been a month and I’ve got some promising babies and some stalled babies. I’ve joined this site looking to learn and seek guidance. Can I grow veggies indoors, in a condo, in hot weather, across from the ocean?
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