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Anyone have any ideas how I can get rid of a ground hog??

There is one that is currently looking at one of my mums as a buffet.
and either the same one or different one that has chewed a hole in my garage door and made a nest/cave in a nonpaved part of the garage floor

I have tried a "humane trap" BB's/pellets won't even go thru their hide
would D-Con do anything?
Out here where I live we just get a bigger rifle.
I don't think d-con will work but you might try bar bait, one bite or poison grain but be careful.
I kinda figured that. We live outside the city a little bit and just north of us about a quarter to a half a mile away, a fellow has even built himself a range for shooting. I have been thinking of making a bullet trap and popping off a few rounds in the back yard here.
This reminds me of when we lived in Grants Pass and we had a friend living with us...He was from the city and was enjoying live in the country...We had about 1/2 acer garden at the time...and trouble with ground hogs...SO Jordy, Our friend would get off work grap a cup of coffee and head to the garden with his shot gun and sit and wait...and sit and wait...I really don't think he got a one ...but he had a fun time every evening
I would gladly send you the bear cub that ate my pheasants yesterday but I don't think they'd allow that either.
Run water in their tunnel and watch for movement underground...have pitch fork ready.
I have one under my shed and have not been able to catch it or hit it with the bullet either, not a good shot.
We don't have them around here so I really don't know what would work. A grab trap would work, but they are indiscriminate. I have a couple of those but don't use them as there are pets that run free. I feed three outside cats that are pretty wild and I don't want them to get hurt.
what is a grab trap?

I did have a trap that I got from My Stepdad
but I had to give it back the last time I was down there
and I have no idea where to get one
(not even sure what it is called)
There are basically two kinds of traps. One brand of trap is the "Have-A-Heart" and it encloses the animal completely and you can take it away and release it unharmed. The grab trap is one that either holds an animal by the leg so they cannot get away. There is one design that you bait with food the animal likes and it holds them around the neck and strangles them. The farm store that I patronize don't even carry them anymore, but they do have the other kind. I have a couple of the grab traps but haven't used them for quite a few years.
aha!! that's the kind of trap that I borrowd from my Stepdad
it either got them by the leg or by the head

But I wonder if Tractor Supply would have them...
try calling local animal control. Since you live in the city I am sure they are available to you. They may only put out a trap or they may bait one up. At any rate call them , if you get no help there call the county extension office they also should offer some ideas.
Sorry no ground hogs here.
yeah LB that would be interesting.....

I don't think Moochie would be to happy about it..
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