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Has anyone ever made Amish Friendship bread? I was given a starter awhile back and baked a few loaves. It was delicious! I'll be doing another batch this Thursday. It's more like pound cake but sooo much better and very moist. I was curious as to how to start the starter so I did an internet search. Here's the complete recipe:

There was one more ingredient that this recipe site didn't include..a 5.1 oz pack of dry instant vanilla pudding, just add with the mixture you make for baking yourself.
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yes Gloria I have been a part of this bread is really a good starts very easily
Gloria you are so right this is very tasty.
I found that after a few months it was more than I could handle, making them every few days. Oh BTW I think the starter can be frozen if you need to
you can just keep it in the fridge if you want also...just have to feed it every month or so if you don't make the bread
sounds yummolicious..I love homemade bread!!

but Inever get around to makin anything anymore
still wanting to make blueberry bread for the past two years...
My mom used to make it all the time. I don't think she has made it in a few years.
I believe that this could also be classified as Hermin,where you feed it,make something and give a starter to a friend!

Nothing new under the sun! Got a starter from my sis years ago,was fun for awhile,then novelty wore off ! Good Luck!! :)
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Wow haven't thought of this in years! This is a revist from the 70's. We used to do this all the time
I made my bread..again. This time I did a double batch and came out with 5 loaves... giving 4 to family and friends. I put 3 starters in the freezer. After using those I think the new will be worn off,,,LOL
You realize you are doing sourdough cooking, don't you? Same stuff, just a different recipe.
after all the trouble Gloria seemed to have getting the starter to go that you sent...she is now an expert...:)
LOL, Randy, I guess that's why I'm so's sour dough! I've thought about removing some of not adding so much sugar to the recipe would maybe give me a good pancake batter too...
Did I give you an pancake recipe? Or did I send you a disc? If you got my disc, you have a good pancake recipe. I have made that one so many times, I know it by heart anyway.
I have the disc saved to my pc Randy, I'd forgotten there were pancake recipes on it!! I can't make this bread too often, I eat too much!
There is an awful lot of stuff on the disc because there was so much room. The sourdough recipes and the salsa recipes are the ones that are the most interesting though.
My Mom always had a sour dough starter going. She made some wonderful bread, biscuts, and pancakes.
I'm going to send some biscuits to a cousin in Texas here pretty soon, but she thinks I am only sending starter. I sent some to Bobbi (Woodstock) a few months back and they survived the trip okay.
I have really lost it!! Last week my good friend who is a MIA member here, sent me a request for Amish F bread starter. So I took a starter pint bag from the freezer, stuck it in a little fitted perfectly, and mailed it to her. She let me know she got it ..I can imagine the exploded. It totally slipped my mind that once it thawed, it would begin to work..and expand. I can't believe I did something this silly! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to