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I finally got some blooms on one of my angel trumpet and my datura are blooming like crazy. I didn't know until this year that angel trumpets are perennials here in zone 6. I had these last year in pots and I knew I wouldn't be able to winter them over in the house so Buford planted them in the garden for me. It was an experience that paid off.


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Just some ramdon shot I took while out in the garden this morning.


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Just beautiful Maggie...I miss all mine...had to leave them when we moved back to Oreogn...thanks for sharig yours


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Beautiful!! Just be careful though, they are both poisenous. My kitties don't touch mine, but if they did, hmm.


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They are beautiful. Mine last year was about 10 ft tall but the freeze got it , it is now about 3 ft but didn't bloom. My neighbor gave me 3 of the triple purples and I have 2 that lived. One looks like it is going to bloom I'll post a pic if it does. They stay much smaller than the traditional ones.

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Beautiful blossoms you have there.
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