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My DH has those hours beat as of late...He leaves here at 5;15 to drive 70 miles up to Portland form here....then most nights not home until after 7 pm. I hate it for him. The house closed on Aug 28th and within two weeks all the fun stuff began with the banks and all. The job he was to begin in the area......was no more. The guy's place just stopped dead. For a month and 1/2 it was a day by day work situation. Then his old boss phoned and said he would pay the gas along with a nice raise, if he wanted to work . Well, YES!!!! have a mortgage once again. Anywho....seems the bills are paid ...but at what cost I am thinking now...


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Ouch! that's just what my hubby was doing too! it took an hour and half of driving, then an hour on a boat each way. And then when the weather is bad I'm worried sick about the boat ride. Let's all hope and pray for each other that this economic crisis ends soon!


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another familiar glad you joined us...............we will be the old GG that we knew and loved.......and the format is perfect for me.....
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