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I have lots of wood to build the frame of a greenhouse my DH wants it done like yesterday. Can I just cover it in plastic and use staples or nails to hold the plastic in place?

What do I use to keep the plastic from tearing? Any suggestions or ideas where I can see lots of different greenhouse designs?

I was thinking of building the frame and wrapping it in plastic, then nailing it in place. Then going back over with a second layer and only nailing it on the actual end studs so it would be double thick. Also I was thinking of making the roof studs every 6 inches instead of every 12 so there would be more support for snow in the winter.

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We always use lath strips to nail through to hold plastic down just run the plastic and then lay the lath strips over the plastic on each stud and staple or nail through the wood strip.
Cool thanks so much. My husband is a youtube making fanatic now so he has been bugging me for projects (even though we have tons around the So I mentioned a greenhouse and my job was to research it and I kinda Thanks again.
We did the same on one we built several yeasr Kay mentioned...We also got the thickest milaliters...^ mila-liters or more...I think that is the proper way of measurement term.....a friend form the old GG site built one out of old pallets and the plastic
The plastic sheeting is measured in mils which means thousandths of an inch. Acrylic plastic though will probably be measured in millimeters or fractions of an inch. I have a little repair job here to do and the original acrylic (Plexiglas) is 1/16" thick. I will increase that to 1/8" so it isn't so fragile. Plexiglas is a brand of acrylic plastic, but there are others. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to