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I posted before that I cleaned out my front bed when we moved here in November. I have had some nice surprises with the ferns. I had another plant come up some time back, about the first part of Feb. I didn't know what it was but just let it grow. I think it a lily. It has beautiful yellow blooms, that are on ling stems. The leaves are long and thin. I will take a picture this morning and get it posted so everyone can see it. :D
I am still trying to remember everything I put in last year. Just saw a Solomon Seal that I had forgotten about.
I think my dh secretly goes out in the garden in the night and moves the things I've planted...

I have surprise plants ALL THE TIME :rolleyes:
(it's the fun part of senility you know...hehehe)
Kath, I dumped the last of those Hubbard Squash on the manure pile by the barn and today I saw a couple of volunteer squash plants. I'm sure they would really do well there except in the dry season. But I will leave them alone and see what happens.
I've got TONS of the seeds left! I wish I'd taken a video of hubby trying to cut that thing.
Isn't it wonderful to find those surprises. Last year my neighbor thanked me for all the lovely snapdragons that came up in her garden. Funny I've never planted snapdragons, the angels planted them in my garden and columbines too.

Can't wait to see the picture Kim.
I know where these came from. LOL I had almost 20 of those Hubbard Squash and they are large. I managed to give some away to the nursing home I visit. This year I will take them even more of them. I think one squash will feed about 50 people.
I just love volunteers!!!! That makes working in the garden and flower beds exciting. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to