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Gurney's has $25 off $50, so I was looking at walnut, almond and peach trees? Do you have any growing in zone 5 or below, if so which ones do you have and how are they doing? I know I can not plant anything around the walnut so thought I would be put it at the end of the road where nothing is growing but weeds. English or black?? Which one is better to grow?
English walnuts are listed to zone 5 and black walnuts are listed to zone 4.
I personally have seen far more black walnuts in zone 5 than english.
We have a black walnut here that was a start from my father in law's yard a couple hundred miles from here but still in zone 5.
We have had good luck with plum, apricot, apple and peach trees here. We don't have much luck with pears cuz they don't ripen. I am eating a pear right now that was green when I picked it in Oct. They sure aren't as good when they take 3 or months to ripen in the house.
Well that is my 2 cents worth
Mainegal I grew peaches in zone 5. they may not be a long life tree because of the cold but I got 5 or 6 years out of it and lots of nice peaches. I planted it from a pit of an alberta peach.
You started your peach tree from a pit? Wow, how many yrs did it take to get peaches off it Lyn?
Black walnuts are the ambrosia of the scent and food world.

I'm a zone 5 nut!! My next door neighbor has a walnut tree by his swimming pool. The tree was there first. The darn squirrels get the nuts and come over and perch in my peach trees and eat them. I find shells all over the place under them. There was one at mom's across the street, but one summer day it decided to fall. The inside was hollow so be careful about that near buildings. It was a real old tree and when I was a kid my dad hung a wooden swing from it. There was an old crank up tractor under it that was mostly rust and wasps, but it was fun to play on, too.

I have 2 peach trees. They're about 15 years old now. One is barely hanging on due to trauma with a Camaro, but the other one is doing fine and I got quite a few peaches off it last year especially since we pruned it a lot then. They grow to about 8 or 10 feet tall since they're miniatures. My grandparents had several peach trees here when I was a kid and they were over 20 years old when she had them cut down. I don't how old exactly, but we climbed in them as kids and stuck sap on each other. She had it taken out when my grandpa died and I was about 18 then.
Reliance is a fairly tough peach, I had them in Ontario, but we were zone 6 since we were right next to the lake. Looks like Snow Beauty and Suncrest are recommended for zone 5 too. Also Elberta and Red Haven.
Thanks everyone for all the info

How did you start your peach tree? Would like to try to start one from seed this summer
My Dad had a couple of peach trees he had planted in their back yard after they had their house built. He didn't know much about pruning and I asked if I could help him. He let me prune them and later on I thinned the fruit. He was pretty concerned about that. He told me that he would lose a lot of the fruit anyway with "June drop". I told him he may lose a little but not nearly as much if there wasn't so much fruit on the trees. But he was still pretty concerned. As the fruit developed though, the peaches grew bigger and better than they ever had, so the following year he started reminding me it was getting close to time to take care of the fruit trees.
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