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I Still have Draven, He will be 7 this coming Christmas! ***WOOT***

This Him in Feb when we had all that Lovely White Stuff


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I tried to keep a Poinsettia once. It grew tall, lost all it's leaves and was ugly, not knowing how to maintain it..I chunked it.
Nice work Prowl, keeping Draven happy for 7!
I have been successful with my poinsettias, thus far.:) I have one planted(in ground) from several years ago that has bloomed for me this year. The other poinsettia, in ground, was in shock after I planted her, but she is rallying around very nicely.
Any Photos to Share FlowersForLife? Wish I could do that here...
But then again I DO Like my Snow and as we know Snow is SO NOT Good for Points!!!!!
I have two I transplanted out in the garden.Their beginning to come out pretty.But never have the pretty bloom's just dark green leave's but that's ok.:)
Sure. My 'red' Poin would you believe bloomed for me this season. In fact, it was in bloom for four or so months.

Pic on left was taken 5/29/09, how it looks now. Brachs are fading and new growth is all around it!

The other pic taken in early April shows color. As I said, I had color for a number of months. I was so pleased. Just hated to throw out live plants after Christmas. And they have done well for me. I do cover them when we have freezing conditions, which is not often. :)


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Looking GOOG Flowers4Life
Thanks for Sharing.... Need to take some more of Draven....
I have 2 in the yeard that have suffered from the high water but I hope they get a chance to come back. I may move them this weekend. They don't look as good as your though:(
I Really Hope yours come back Crabbergirl.... I also 2nd Flowersforlife Please keep us posted on what Happens
Well, I've just done a Root Trim and Repot... Should of been done a while ago, compost was HORRID!!!! Poor Draven
Photos to Follow
Someone???? (Tim) mowed them over, he thought they were dead. I was trying so hard they actually had some new leaf growth at the very bottom. Grrrrr. This is what happens when a man stays home:rolleyes: Maybe they have a chance. If not I'll buy more this year.
Hope They'll be OK Crabber, My Freind in Tampa Bay has one that was taken back to the Ground and the last I heard was that it was Growing Back...

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