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I know it's getting late to plant watermelons but does anyone know where I can buy a couple of seedless watermelon seed. Really want the personal size watermelon. I bought a personal size seedless watermelon from the Farmer's Market on Friday and it was the best wateremelon I can ever remember eating. It was small but weighed 8 to 10 pounds.
Ron you won't believe this but that great tasting personal seedless watermelon I bought, had 4 viable dark brown seeds and 2 less mature seeds. I have dried them and going to attemp to germinate them. This watermelon was fantastic, it makes me want more.
Thanks Dawn, I had read an article something similar. All I know is that this personal size watermelon I bought at the Farmer's Market was absolutely one of the best tasting watermelons I have ever eaten. It was seedless only a couple of white seeds but it had 4 dark plump seeds and 2 that were not as developed. I dried the seeds and have them in between a wet paper towel to see if they will germinate. We shall see. I do I know we are going back to the Farmer's market to buy more of those great tasting melons. I am addicted.
Dale only you would want seeds from a seedless watermelon. I know there has to be someway to get them or they would not have seedless watermelon would they. are they are hybrid?
They are suppose to be hybrids. Some how the watermelon chromosomes are changed when they go to seedless. I was surprised for the viable seeds in the watermelon. You just don't know how good that watermelon was that we ate this weekend. I am addicted.
My daughter brought one over yesterday Dale. I didn't eat any of it, she and mya ate it. There is a little of it left. Rosalind said it was so good. I don't have much of an appetite because of this summer cold. I will try a little tomorrow.
Dor look and see if you got any seeds in it you can dry and try to plant. It was a $2 personal size small wateremelon that weighed between 8 and 10 pounds. That was a wonderful watermelon.
I love watermelons, our season is not long enough. I'm going to search and see which kinds are the best to grow up here to try next yr,
Dor look and see if you got any seeds in it you can dry and try to plant. It was a $2 personal size small wateremelon that weighed between 8 and 10 pounds. That was a wonderful watermelon.

Yes it was about that size Dale and the same price. I looked at the last slice and the seeds are white. I have a seedless one in the fridge. I will check those seeds too. It is larger than the personal size, about double maybe.
I have a larger seedless watermelon we are going to cut tomorrow. It's like looking for a buried treasure hoping to find a viable seed.
How do they make the watermelons sterile and unable to produce seeds? I don't mind picking out seeds, but my wife won't eat watermelon unless it's seedless.
Old post, I know. You need seeds of the "seedless" strain of watermelon BUT you also need at least one plant of a pollinator variety growing nearby. That is why a pack of seedless watermelons always contains 2 kinds of seeds.
You also have to keep away any other watermelons except the intended pollinators or you will have seeds in yer seedless.
Bankysmith~ In making a lot of crosses, as seed companies are prone to do, it was discovered that if "A" melon was crossed with "B" melon, the seeds from the resulting fruit would always produce seedless melons, as long as they were pollinated with another melon. Confused yet? So they keep 2 parental lines to make the seeds they sell. You have to plant the mixed pack, of which some may have seeds.
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