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Can anyone help ID this plant for me?


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Treva I know I have seen that plant before but can't remember what it is. Sorry
Tell ya what Treva it looks alot like a houseplant that I was sharing with everyone last year cuz I had no clue what it was.
Does it bloom?
Thank You Dale and Kya. hmmmm??? It has not bloomed but I have had it outside all the time? including this winter!
The leaves can be knocked of very easily like ather succulents? It was just cuttings and has filled the pot! I may have got it from you Kya????
It looks to be along the same lines of a Jade but its not the common Jade. There are many types of Crassula, this looks to be one but which one im not sure. However if you are willing to give up a couple cutting I would love some:) I love succulents!

I have the same one except its leaves are silvery green. I got it from my Aunt in Minnesota, she called it a ghost plant. Roots really easily and breaks really easily.
Hmmm I have Jade, it doesnt look like my jade?:confused:
I also have Ghost plant not really like that either!:confused:
It has a very small leaf, that comes to a point, it is shiney?
LOL I am stumped!:rolleyes:
I know it is very hardy and can take neglect! I have had it in a hanging basket, it started as a few cuttings! The basket is full now and stayed on my porch ALL winter!
I have plenty to share riverock, just PM me with your address and i will get you some!
The only thing I like better than my able to share my plants!:D
I have plenty to share riverock, just PM me with your address and i will get you some!
The only thing I like better than my able to share my plants!:D[/COLOR][/B][/QUOTE]

Thank you so much I will PM you. I have been sitting here searching for the last 30 minutes to see if I can figure out what it is..LOL But I like it, it is very pretty. I love succulents.

hmmm??? I have looked at all the links and pictures,not quite the same?? Mine seems to be a fatter/thicker leave?
Oh well I may never know?
Thank You my Friends for your help!
PS latebloomer I wish it was lipstick plant...I would LOVE to have that one!
I am determined to find out what this is...maybe after I get the cutting I can see it close up and get a better idea...I still think it is a cassula of some sort..but there are many, it really does look like it could be in the jade family.

Karen, that looks like a Jade to me, I would guess on money plant or sunset jade.

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