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deck chucker

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I cut open a Granny Smith the other day and some of the seeds were sprouting so I planted them in some soil in my kitchen. I'm wondering if anyone else has done this and what results they had. I'm curious if I do get it to grow if I'll have a good GS tree or if it will be sterile possibly? It was just an open bin apple from the grocery store.
I dont know but I'm curious to see what others have to say about this.
I don't think the seeds would be sterile,but I don't know for sure.
Johnny Appleseed's seeds aren' that is why I'm thinking they wouldn't be sterile
I don't really know but it has been my experience that the seed will grow but if it ever produces fruit that it will throw back to old or wild stock. I grew a peach tree from seed and it has a white, dry, not very tasty fruit. I know the peach the pit came from was a good peach cuz I was canning them.
Well I did this and our tree is now 2 yrs old and growing fast. From what I understand it will get apples but won't be granny smith. Will be a few more yrs before I know for sure.
Now I'm interested in what they will be. I didn't know if it had been hybridized, but having something different than a Granny Smith makes me curious. It seems to be doing okay so far.
Thanks for all the replies.
All I can say is that you will have to wait a good 6 to 7 years to find out!
It takes that long for the trees to grow and develop into mature fruit bearers.
All named varieties of apples are grafted onto stock trees.
GS originated from one tree decades and decades ago by a plant breeder. From there he started grafting and sent cuttings around the world....the rest is history!
The fruit from a GS seed might develop with the same traits, but it is more likely you will get soming quite different. Whatever that is, you will need to wait!
I don't have enought patience to wait 6 or so years. It's hard enough to wait for flower or vegetable seeds to sprout and grow.
No patientice for me either..........all that I have ever heard about fruit trees or nuts as far as that that you have to graft them.........that is what my grand pa and dad did.
I've never done an apple tree but I did do a peach tree a couple of times. With peaches you have to have a peach like Elberta that is not a hybrid. But I never had any luck keeping the tree more than 6 or 7 years. But I had good peaches from them.
Most apples are grafted onto a rootstock of some sort. I know that many of them are grafted onto a dwarf or semi dwarf rootstock to make production and harvest easier. I am sure that there is a ton of info on the internet about it. My knowledge is just from experience living in orchard country for many years.
Thanks for everyone's help. I think once this little plant gets going I'll find a spot to put it and just let it go. If I get a producer that's fine, but if not I've planted a tree. I don't think all trees need to be grafted. I've got a dandy full sized apple tree the birds planted at the back of my property that has good apples, but I'm not sure what kind they are other than red. I know they aren't red delicious. I guess I'll see what happens!:)

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