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I've been watching a Stupice tomato that started blushing this weekend, was all ready to pick it, had the bread ready for that first tomato sandwich, and when I went to pick it last night, SOME @#$%!* RODENT HAD EATEN THE BACK OFF!

This is war!
Blue I bet your mouth was watering for a bite of that tomato sandwich.But that poor little baby rodent was hungry.LOL
I feel you Blue. You have to find out what it is so that it will not eat anymore of your tomatoes.
I suspect it was a squirrel. The cats have pretty much cleaned the rats out of my neighbor's shed, and the dogs make life difficult for the occasional rabbit that wanders through the neighborhood. I don't know if it would do any good to put a sticky trap out for a squirrel.
This is the odd year for apples. I get really good crops on alternate years and last year was the one of bountiful apples. I will get apples this year, but probably about 15 or 20% of what to expect next year. When I have the lean year, there are not enough apples for me and the squirrels and they watch them much closer than I do. LOL
Hot Pepper Spray, stocking cover, screen cover. All things you can do to keep your toms safe. use a nylon stocking streched tight around the fruit makes it hard for them to cheww through. Tie a "bag" of fiberglass screen around the fruit so it is loose and they have a hard time reaching the tom. Hot pepper spray will deter but not stop most rodents. You know they will eat concrete?
Dang Blue You wait forever to taste the 1st fruit of your labor and some stinkin rodent gets to it 1st
I saw a woodchuck in my back yard yesterday, my dad brought his 22 down to me last night
i thought it was the darn deer eating stuff but i caught the woodchuck last night
I had to pick off and discard my first tomato yesterday as well. Look like it was mushy on the inside and turning dark. Sure hated to do it. I feel your pain!!!
I always plant a few early tomatoes, and usually I have ripe fruit in mid-May. This year has been kinda cool, though, and it was taking forever to get that first tomato, and then...dang!
Blue I know what you mean. I am glad I am getting squash and cucumbers out of my garden.
I keep watching the tomatoes and they are not turning yet. I am getting squash and I got a handful of beans but I want my tomatoes.....
I want my tomatoes as well. We planted an assorted variety and lots of them. Went to the farmers market today and bought some but it's not the same as fresh from the garden.
Years ago we were in a rental house in Rio Linda, CA, and I had one tomato plant. I kept watching tomatoes approach ripeness and they would disappear. MF wasn't getting them, nor was I. Then one day, MF saw the culprit. It was our German Shorthaired Pointer. He was carefully removing the tomatoes and eating every bit of them. That dog loved tomatoes. He was in dog heaven when I hunted pheasants in tomato fields. There were still plenty of good tomatoes and he would snag them on the run and have juice running out of his mouth, but he wouldn't stop hunting. That was about 45 years ago.
AW Blue sorry to hear that. Hope they let you have the next one. I know what it's like to wait and wait and wait for that first tomato. I'll be lucky to get mine in July.

Randy that was one smart dog. If my husband’s dog could figure out how to get up in your apple trees the squirrels would be the least of your problems. That dog loves apples like your dog loved tomatoes.
I had a dog that thought my tomatoes were ball trees. He would oick everyone he could reach:rolleyes:

I will have not crops this year. I have pruned my plants back to no leaves and picked all fruit just trying to get them to come back from the stem. Everything has drowned. I'll try to post a pic for you tomorrow. Onions, beets, potatoes, and peanuts are rotten in the ground!:( Tomatoes all have the wilt even though I tried to keep them sprayed in between rains. I'm going to buckets next time!
Bernie, on alternate years there would be no problem anyway. I have two small apple trees that are not really in full production yet, but I have four more very mature trees. The McIntosh will supply all of my needs with plenty left over for neighbors and friends. Fortunately, one of the other trees is a later apple and I can utilize some of them just because the other apples are already gone. My daughter says it makes the best pies anyway, and I usually can a bunch of pie filling so it is ready through the winter.
Crabbergirl can you buy tomato plants to start over. I have some tomato seeds I can send you. Think I have beet seeds that I didn't plant this year. Let me know if I can help.
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