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A friend of mine came to visit me today and brought me this very beautiful Asiatic Lily! I love it and just had to share it with you all! It cheered me up, I have felt so down lately and in pain so this is so sweet:)



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Beautiful! Just a small touch of Beauty from the Beautiful Garden, God has created for you!
He knows of our pain and has placed people in our paths, given us Beautiful gardens all around, and showers us with His Glory daily, to show us HIS perfct Love!
How beautiful and later you can plant them in the yard.
I love plants that have duel purpose a boquet and yard plant.
Wat a sweet friend.
Oh yes for sure..I am planning to plant it outside this weekend:) I love lillies!

He gave me an oriental lily couple years ago and I have that out in my front flower bed an it is coming up right now..I cant wait for it to bloom it is soooooo pretty.

I love the pretty orange color.I have one like this it will bloom soon.I will share it when it open's.Wish I had a neighbor like your's.
Thank you Spider:)

I look foward to seeing yours when it blooms! I didnt get this from my neighbor I got it from a good friend I have known for long time.

But I got a lof ot aliums and iris from my

Yesterday wehn I was down at the river(i live by the river) I was walking around and came upon an area behind an old abandon house that has a lot of grape hyacinths and I just love those so I dug up a bunch for me and a bunch to trade with.

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