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I planted a banana custard verbascum last year and it has surprised us by growing 5ft and by the look of it, will grow more! it's such a pretty flowering plant.
The label that came with the plant gives just a few details and information about the plant and nothing about after care.

I'd a google on the plant and it states to cut back after flowering but did not say how far back down to cut.

Can anyone tell me how to cut back and if the plant dies down in the ground and grows again next year? It does say perennial, so i assume it means it will grow again. Will it spread?

Most appreciate info on this plant.
Hi and welcome to our garden group. I never heard of that plant but it does sound interesting. Hope someone can help you.
Google it, there is lots of info. Sounds that a "giant" that would be stunning in the right location. I know the verbascum flowers originate at the base of the plant, so I would think that you would cut it all the way down when each flower stalk is done flowering.
I did a search to try and help and what I've found is that this plant is a biennial. Which means that it will be gone after flowering. One site said that it is easy to propagate with root cuttings and/or saving seeds. So.. it is similiar to the Hollyhocks and Foxglove in that aspect.
Wish I could be of more help but thats all I could find.
Welcome to GF Christeee, we're glad to have you with us.
Thank you for welcoming me to the forum.
This plant certainly is interesting. it's been growing two inches every day!
I thought it is annuals that die off and you save the seed and biennial is it flowers every other year. I think I need to brush up on my gardening knowledge although I've done the garden for 30 odd years! I've tried google and come up with lots of sites. They can be mind boggling! Thanks again all.
Biennials have only vegetative growth the first year, no flowers. The plant flowers the second year, then dies, or reseeds.
From the pictures I was able to google, it is a beautiful plant and well worth the effort to save seeds and/or root cuttings.
I was doing some research on my vebascum milkshake and found that if its a hybrid verbascum, the seeds are sterile. My verbascum bloomed the first year from seed and also bloomed the second year. I cut the stalks back as close I could last year when it was done blooming but I left the leaves...the leaves died back after it frosted several times. I took root divisions this year for a friend. From what I have read, this is the only way to propagate but where do the seeds come from that I!! I am confused!! I use to have plum pudding and something eyes but they didn't come back after the second year.
Thank you all for your advice on the Banana and custard. I'll save the seeds, cut back the plant and divide some roots, repot and see if it grows. I'll also see if the garden centre has any of these this year.

Now how do I save the seeds! LOL! should I dry them first, or just pot them and put them under a cold frame ready for next year?!
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