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Hi everybody! I have been so busy this past year just haven't had the time to sit and play on here. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana and have 2 kids 15 and 9. 2 dogs , 10 and 4. 1 husband and 2 acres of land needing weeded. We built our greenhouse last summer and I have been playing in there ever since. Just don't have time to pull silly old weeds out in the gardens. Started pullin some today and am remebering just how much fun it is. LOL Anyways just wanted to say Hi to all of my old friends from GardenHere and to all of the new ones I will be making. I am on the lookout for canna seeds and hibiscus seeds. I like to try new things in the greenhouse and see what happens. Take care all and God Bless, Becki
Hello there Ms. Becki
It has been a long time since we have seen you. Dang you've been busy
I am glad you're back
Still trying to figure out where you live
you can't be that far from me (Ft Wayne isn't THAT big):p

*I have some maroon hibiscus seeds I'll share with ya*;)
This is beside the subject, but isn't Ft. Wayne named after one of the early Indian fighters, Anthony Wayne?
Thank you for the warm welcome back

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and getting lots of gardening done. I have many beautiful plants thanks to all of you. I can't wait to see them come up this year.
I actually got to play in my neighbors greenhouse last year and then on my bday all of my friends and family got together and had a big greenhouse building party. We had been collecting recycled materials for 3 years getting ready. All of the windows, pea gravel, bricks, pavers, benches, sink, counters, etc is recycled! We bought the roof, some 2x4's, and some plywood, and of course lots and lots of screws.
It's a 10'x30. Sounds big BUT I have it stuffed to the gills right now, my honey just started building shelves above the benches for me. Got the first set up Monday. YAY!!
My husband just salvaged 2 benches from one of our customers - he was going to cut them up into firewood! UGH!! They found a perfect home in the greenhouse.

Between our tree business and my plant obsession (oops and my kids ) there just doesn't seem to be enough time for much else.

Enough about me, How have you all been? I hope life is treating you well. I also hope that any of the goodies you received from me are alive and thriving. I have been saving my seeds and am getting a pretty good system going. My sisters have been popping out babies left and right these last 2 years so... they buy the baby food in the little plastic containers and they are WONDERFUL seed storers. I have lots of seeds and will have lots more this fall. I don't know how often I can get on here but I will be around when I can.

Have a great night and take care, Becki
I was thinking about that yesterday after I left the computer and it occurred to me that he was also known as "Mad Anthony Wayne". He wasn't really crazy, just an aggressive leader.
You are a lucky girl to have a great greenhouse. Send us some pictures!!:D
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