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Bill's Bday is tomarrow so I had it set in my head that his garden was going in the ground today. I tried walmart and the garden center no pandoras box daylily but I did find commander in chief lily so I changed the garden now along the back row is a perennial fountain grass - zebra grass - perennial fountain grass. The next row Commander - pandora - commander - pandora - commander. Then the next row has 5 blue festuca grass.
The other change I made is that instead of being planted as a corner garden it can now be expanded along the length of the shed.
Will these changes be ok? Will the red be too much?
:D Does anyone have any idea how to turn a NYC fire hydrant into a water fountain?
BAck to the dirt I go
I think your colors will be fine. Not sure if a NYC fire hydrant is any diff than a Florida hydrant. But if it is not then remove the top nut, run your supply line up through the bottom to the top and put any type bubler or spray you want on top. Should be real easy. If you need to close the gap where the nut was use Liquid steel or JB Weld;)Sounds like your garden is well planned. Please post some pics for us to see when you can. Good Luck and keep us posted.
It sounds lovely to me. I'm not a fan of grasses in my yard but I like to see it in other's yards. Post pics when you are ready.
Sounds lovely

I've never been much into grasses but lately I'm finding myself sorta drawn more to them so I will probably incorporate a few different kinds into my new front yard project, but heaven only knows what kind. Time will tell I guess.
I am not a big fan either but Bill really wanted the pampass grass that grows alongside the road so this garden was our meet in the middle. If he can tolerate my plant habit then he should have some ornamental grass in the yard somewhere. I will take pictures as soon as it gets a little bigger
Oh I love grasses in my yard. I only have the pampas grass I planted last year so its not very big yet. I have a zebra grass that's about 5 years old and it is huge. I'm hoping to get another one or two or maybe 3 this year depending on the cost.
Pampass grass can be a rodant issue if you do not keep it thinned out. Try to not place them too close together so you can keep them well trimmed.
We are thinking of grasses to put along the front, west side of the yard..will need to learn more though is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to