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My dad has red-green colorblindness, meaning that blue is the only color he can see. I recently went on a trip to North Carolina with him and he kept mentioning how beautiful all the blue flowers that grew there were. We're building a cabin in Park Rapids, MN, which is in zone 3a, and for my Dad's birthday I would like to plant him a garden of blue flowers. What flowers would you reccomend to grow there? Most of our land is under full shade, although a partial sun area would be possible too.

Kya D

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Welcome to our yard please stay and play, now for an answer
hardy to zone 3

some cranesbill are blue
Lewis' Blue Flax, Lewis' Prairie Flax
Blue Giant Crested Wood Iris
Delphinium - Magic Fountains
Chinese Delphinium,
Blue cardinal flower
There are a few but can he see white if so you could mix some whites like shastas with the blues
Hope these help


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Hi Garby,
Those are great suggestions.
On of my planning chores when choosing a specific color, is to go to the garden center and see what is in bloom. I will do this sevral times a season to insure I have constant blooms. You garden center will be able to advise you on what is right for your zone and when infact it will bloom and how long. ;) that is very kind of you to take your dad into consideration.


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Stoke's Aster
Viola cornuta varieties
Perovskia - Russian Sage
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