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Ok my friend made me some vegi soup. And well she put okra in it. Well i did not think of any thing of it at first but tonight when I got out the fresh soup to eat I looked at it and saw that the Okra slices had blue seeds in them. Is that normal? I wonder if my friend used bad okra.
I don't know anything about okra but I "wonder" if purple okra has blue seeds.

AND I really want to wish you a warm welcome to our family
I am sure that someone smarter than me will have an answer for you.
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thanks, :)

not sure, all i know that the okra here are long and green and you slice them but they have white seeds. But some reason the ones all in this soup has blue. I want to make sure its ok before i eat it lol.
If you let the okra get a little more mature, the seeds will darken. So I wouldn't be concerned about the color.
it is perfectly fine...I bet they were as randy said young and then mixing with the other things in the soup ...the seeds may turn...
Oh by the way welcome to the place...:)
I make vegetable soup with okra and yep..the seeds sometimes turn a blueish color. Enjoy your soup and welcome to Gardenforums. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to