Bugs for Kale!

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I know how much you enjoy looking at and investigating insects, so I thought I could post my bug pics for you. I have to go through the archives and find more but this will get you started>


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Here is another. I have to find the view through the glass door where you can see his underside and mouth!


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Here is a littel guy that was "working" my courtyard. You can see the hairs on his legs and even the little hooks at the ends of his feet.


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Crabber you are too kind!
How thoughtful,what made you think of such a thread*LOL
You know I love them! Bugs R Fun!! Just got a few cool shots of the striped Rove!
He is adorable (reminds me of the character of a cat)*LOL a teeeeeeeny brain and acts like a cat. A real actor! I love him.Could find bugs for him to eat so I let him go.*lol
I don't have your bugz which is really interesting!

Here is my little fella,last year.

This year I had 2 already but I think the new stray scared them off!
Ran to get the camera and they were gone and so was the cat that I scared off for a second. I need to catch that cat (really a kitten) in the morning, leave her inside until evening ..She loves to come in, thinks she lives in my house... Here is waiting for the Chickadees!
I don't think she can get up there anymore*LOL
Nice looking cat but ....I'm hoping someone will adopt her and fix her while there is time! I don't have the $$$ or it would have been done already.
Here she is too Little Sissy (to go with my cat Sonnyboy*lol)

Green Darner (Anax junius)
Little Sissy Large web from years ago.
It was larger then 5feet high!



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Here is a littel guy that was "working" my courtyard. You can see the hairs on his legs and even the little hooks at the ends of his feet.
humm Crabber is that an assassin bug?!
Nothing like bugz...;):eek::eek:

Sure, thank you! I know I have seen him/her...

I'll see you in the AM!:D :D

New shots

Just a few more. Thought the views were cool.


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kale, do you have an insect collection going? I know that when I was in college and took entomology I had it the wrong semester to go for the collection, but I had lots of friends who did it. I kinda wish that I would have had it then. Have fun, I have to get my camera repaired and then I will post some photos for you.

You have some really Interesting shots! I love them all!
I have been knocking myself out trying to figure who that little guy is!
Did you look him up in your picture book?! I looked in my books and he is not there.:(
Do you recall what plant he was on?
I really need to resolve his name*LOL He is too interesting to let go by nameless*lol

Jade, the only collection of insects I have is pics,microscope video and knowledge and both are always growing *lol .

I wish I knew how to preserve them, I had/ will keep getting really cool little critters in my ceiling light covers. I was floored to get so close to many I couldn't while they were alive although sadden that they were gone, was happy to have the privilege to actually see them still *lol up close and personal*LOL They just tickle my fancy..thrill my heart and make me repeat...what was God Thinking... simply amazing!
Jade any bug pics will do they all interest me greatly. Identifying is the wildest challenges, knowing their requirements and behaviors are amazing to me.I learn something new nearly everyday! During the buggie season everyday!:eek::eek::D:D They are so wonderfully made:)

Crabber help id him!
Oh btw, froggie is delightful,I found 2 and lost them both.very sad.
I don't tend them anymore.

Ok I have been looking for 2 days for that bugs name. Have no idea. I have to dig deeper into my old master gardener books I know he will be somewhere. Give me over the weekend.He was hunting in my court yard on the columbine. Then I saw him on the butterfly bush and now he is gone somewhere else.
I love that frog shot. I found a toad last night hunting bugs under my landscape lighting, but I was to tired and dirty to go get my camers. He lives in the court yard so maybe I can get a good pic this weekend. I have been submitting my pictures to our news paper and they have printed 3 so far. One they even did in color on the front page. WOW! totally surprised.
Congratulations CRABBER!!!

Look up Assassin/Ambush bugs I bet you see himmm:rolleyes::eek:

As far as too tired and dirty,we will let you get away with that this time..(lol) but..if you see it, shoot it and we will be happy! :D:D
I just tried to get a pic and it was too dark (dark is acceptable*lol) it was a caterpillar or a worm and in a pot so I'm guessing it's mother flies*LOL

Thank you for all your seeking..I feel loved:D

My toad are about to go out..in a few weeks or so temps are still droping in the hi (real feel) 20's and mid 30's.They are quite content indoors..

EXCELLENT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep shooting!


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