Bull Bay Magnolia

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Sharing a few bloom's from this beautiful tree.It's a Bull Bay Magnolia .


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A few more


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How pretty! I haven't heard of that particular kind. Can't beat them for those wonderful smelling blooms can you!
Another beautiful flowering tree Spider, all my trees flower too, although not all of them have a fragrance, great pics!

It took me a while to absorb this one. I had never encountered Bull Bay Magnolia, but Lily's pics looked an awful lot like what we call Southern Magnolia, a truely grand tree. Anyway a little research brought me to the conclusion that the two are one and the same,,,, Magnolia grandiflora.

Apparently the name bull bay is rather wide spread in the deep south.... I wonder what its origins are?
Treeman leave to you to get us an answer. I love my Little Gem Magnolias that I have at my home, but my husband home place (where he was brought up) have beautiful Magnolia grandiflora. One is especially HUGE and my husband said it's been that large since he can remember and that's a lot of remembering. He's almost 61!!!
That's true with a lot of things, Wes. I have always had an interest in wildlife and especially fish. There are often many local names given for a given species and often the only way to really be definite is to use the scientific name.
That's lovely Kay. I've never seen one in bloom.

I still have trouble with names. I Hawaii ever thing had a Hawaiian name, fish, birds and many plants. Here those same things have comon names and latin names as well. Just to make it a little hard many plants latin names are being changed. I'll never remember it all. That's why I label everything.

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