Bush with red berries

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Does anyone know what the bush is called that has red berries on it in the fall? Everyone around here stops on the side of the road and gets them to use in decorations and on wreaths. This yr they are everywheres so they must like all the rain that we had. I don't have any pics, posting this for my mom
there are many bushes, trees with red berries, holly's both tree form and bush form, virburnams, barberrys, burning bushes(euonymus), hawthorns,castle spire(Ilex) Yew evergreens, nandina, Heavenly Bamboo,cotoneaster, female; Lady Acubia, dogwood's also have reddish berries.
Just a quick list off the top of my head.. I didn't go research it.
Another possibility might be winterberry, Ilex verticillata, a decidiuous holly. It is a native shrub that prefers damp areas, but will tolerate dryer sites as well. There are some named cultivars available in the trade, one outstanding example being 'Sparkleberry'
thanks everyone
got to look some of these up and try to find out which one they are
I've picked a lot of rose hips and they could be used for arrangements, too. Bittersweet isn't really red, but that's used a lot. I think it's a vine though. It's been a long time since I've seen that growing.
Not studied on trees or many shrubs, that is where Treeman comes in :)
He's the one I'm sure!
I do have a mini (I think it is a mini) Holly, Butterfly Bushes, Rose Of Sharon,
Hibiscus single and double blooms and Azaleas. Oh, And my Dearly beloved Privet (which is a tree form) !

Wonder if any are small enough for a 2x3 area between a fence and house?
South side can grow as tall as it wants but can't take my house up while doing so.

I'm inclined to say winterberry AKA Michigan holly.

You need a boy to take care of 3 to 5 girls to have fruits.

A vine would be Bittersweet, make sure it is native, not Japanese. Fruits are orange and red and again you need boy and girl.

Laurie I have been trying to think of the name of the berry bush that is used for Christmas arrangements and it just popped into my head ----boy it was buried deep
I am not sure I can spell it correctly so you are getting it phonically "Py-ra-canther "
It is an evergreen shrub that will grow 8 to 10 ft and is covered with orange/red berries in the fall through winter. Now that I remember the name I am going to look it up in my garden and florist books for the correct spelling.
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Swindy, that is the one I was trying to spell to get a view of it. I think we called it pyracanthia but that must be the wrong spelling because they suggested I change the spelling. Don't know how else it would be spelled?
Froglady drop the "i" I found it in a gardening book I have. I been looking through my books for an hour, the correct spelling is "Pyracanthas". Geez it makes me crasy when I can't get the right spelling let along that it took me a week to pull the name up lol
It is a year round ornamental with white flowers clusters in the spring and early summer. The berries appear in late summer through winter. The shrub is also known as Firethorns. Waterei is an almost thornless variety with bright crimsion berries

Happy picking Laurie, I hope this helps.
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Firethorn also has berries most of the year depending on how big the bush is and the climate of course.
:p Alittle late in the ballgame here,but better late then never!:p ( good call swindy )
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But I believe is isn't all that frost hardy. And the thorns put me off of using it for decor. Its name means fire thorn.

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