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I have grown Callas for ten years or more. A few years ago I noticed that some were growing very weird.

As the blooms begin to open, they DO NO OPEN as they should. They seem twisted and ugly. The high ones are the worst. None of them are pretty anymore, although they attain their height and the foliage looks healthy.

Has anyone ever seen this?

Should I dig them up and dispose of them?
Ru535 Welcome to our site. I wish I could help with the cannas but I am in zone4-5 so I don't grow them.
But welcome to you, jump in and ENJOY!!!!!
I'm sure someone will come along with an answer for you
I have a couple that i dig up every yr, sure wish i could leave them in the
ground here as i would have more
welcome and hope to see you around, there is a lot of knowledgeable gardeners here
I've grown them for years too. They are usually pretty much pest free
Sounds like spider mites.
Have a look under the leaves an around the flowers as they appear.
Pull one of the flowers apart and examine the inside for spall specks and web like areas.
Mite be time for..... miticide!
Welcoem aboard Ru!
Welcome from the PNW. Glad you found us.

I recieved a gift of mini calla lilies several years ago. They were in bloom at the time but have never bloomed again. I save them from year to year and each year they have the most beautiful leaves but no blooms. Anyone have any advice for me?
I don't know that I'm the one who should be telling you how to grow Calla Lilies, as I have said I have a big problem, BUT on the other hand, mine have grown in shade, sun, partial of both.

I have moved four times in the last 11 years and taken them with me each time.
They have not always been placed in the greatest soil either, I would agree with so much I have read that they are easy to grow.

Have you placed them in different environments, I mean trying a couple here and there. That might give you a clue as to where they are happiest.

Thanks for writing.

Thanks for you advise, I KNOW there has to be nastiness in those blossoms---I haven't taken one apart, mainly because when I think about it I'm doing something else and don't' have gloves on.

I will do that right now and get back to the site
Back again, Ru,

I had cut off the old blossoms that were so bad, but there was a new one that opened today.
It was twisted but there was not a clue inside of any problem. The little candle like thing (I forget the terminology) inside was as clean as could be. Not even a bug or anything!

I will let the next bloom mature and then check it. There aren't any new ones showing yet, but soon should be.

So much for that try

Thanks for the comment and the welcome.
I got confused on what I was talking about. I have one as a house plant. I don't have any outside. I have never had a problem with mine inside.
Got some pics that you can share with us
I have callas in my garden but they have not bloomed. I kept wondering if they ever will.
i have one in my garden that has not bloomed in two years. I planted some in my daughter's garden and they bloomed this year.
Hi there Ru535!
Welcome. It may be a fungus problem. It is best to dust the base with a fungicide if you store the bulbs.
Do you fertilize them?
A few leaves on mine are damaged.
I unrolled one of the leaves and found aphids happily feeding away!
Checked a few more and found more.
I got my spray out and doused the foliage.
I use a litre spray bottle, fill with warm water, add a few drops of liquid dish detergent and a teaspoon of cooking oil (olive oil seems to work best), give it a shake and then spray. Avoid spraying in the heat of the afternoon. It is best done in the late evening. Let the foliage dry before exposing the plant to sun light.

A few cultural tips:
Callas love moisture so water often.
They are also greedy feeders, so fertilize every other week with a water soluable type, I use 15-30-15 at half strength, but any fert with a high middle number will do nicely.
To get them to bloom you HAVE to feed them and not let the soil dry out!
Best exposure is morning sun and afternoon shade. They will grow in full sun as long as you water them daily!
after 10 years you may need to dig them up and re plant them, when I lived in Ca. I would dig them up ever few years and replant them adding some potting mix, they seem to do much better after that
First welcome. Glad to see you here.
Second , do you use fertilizer? If it is not the spider mites as Ron suggest ( an by the way he is always right, no really he is our smart guy) consider if you might be over feeding them. Let us know what you find. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to