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Hi Kyra,
Sorry, Epiphyllums, orchid cactus. Such as Night Blooming Cereus. They are wonderful. Would love cuttings rooted or not, that bloom other than white from anyone, please. Oh Kyra, you have to check them out. Be patient tho as I've read they take quite a while to bloom.
I think maybe a friend of mine still has hers. It is BRIGHT red and she will love to part with one. If she still has hers.
I'll ask her in the next few days.
yep this old bear can help with a cutting and tell you how to get a cutting started, so you want a Night Blooming Cereus or a epie, its still to early to sends plants in the mail they wouldn't make it do to the cold for some strange reason the don't like the cold :D but come late April I can send you cutting from my cereus and yellow florence these 2 grow like weeds for me.
How to grow from cutting, this is very easy to do #1 all cutting should have there name on them use a magic marker and then make a tag to hang on the pot that was the hard part #2 let cut the ends heal over before planting about 2 or 3 days after you get them I use a qt pot to start all my cuttings any well draining mix will work. place cutting in pot with damp soil never wet the cutting will rot real fast if you do just mist lightly. #3 the really really really hard part is the wait they will take a few weeks to root mist 2 or 3 times a week but only lightly they don't drink water until they start to root,#4 after a few weeks tug on them lightly to see if there firm in the pot or if you see new growth then you know its rooted #5 water very lightly they don't like wet feet,#6 feed the once a month after they start to grow I use Miracle-gro for house and garden but that is just some thing I like for all my jungle cactus and other potted plants.Come winter time they like shorter day light and less food and water they need this time of year to rest so the can bloom in the summer. this is one thing I can not stress enough never put then in the full sun they will burn fast than a babies butt I keep mine in a shade house or hanging in a tree if you grow Xmas cactus you can grow epies
here a pic of my unknown rose colored on it looks more pink in the pic but its more rose
enough for now I could go on for hours. for those who want to know more about then I will be more than happy to help but Please remember I'm not a expert on growing epies I know what has worked for me and with over 400 plants I've done OK this is just a hobby for me and I don't really do this just to resale them, I give lots away just for the heck of it :D and try and help when I can


moving all my epies out to the shade house last spring


the guard dog she just might lick you to death

Bear, thanks for the great info on growing epi cuttings. I'm going to record all of this on paper. Now I will hold you to a cutting of from your cereus and yellow florence okay?:D Will PM you.
Thanks again.
FlowersforLife are you offering anything in trade for the Epis cuttings? Been out of town trying to catch up from all the post. Welcome to the group. Noticed you are from New Orleans, I was there for a few days just got home last night.
Dale, sorry I have not responded, just now seeing your post. Glad you visited N.O.

For a trade, let's see, I have mother of thousands plant, apostle iris (blooms white with purple) young desert rose (would love to trade those for ones I do not have).

Do you have rooted red cereus cuttings or plant?
For a trade, let's see, I have mother of thousands plant, apostle iris (blooms white with purple) young desert rose (would love to trade those for ones I do not have).

Do you have rooted red cereus cuttings or plant?

I was given two Orchid Cactus plants last say's red...I can take a start off if you would like and send it along to you.. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to