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I may live in a trailer park and I'm not the best gardener but I was pretty proud when I was given the Yard of the Month award back in May this year. I have a very eclectic, cottagey garden with a little of everything. I also have a lot of non blooming plants and plants that have short bloom seasons, so I get special spots of color as they bloom.


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AWESOME my friend.....quite a feather in your hat! No awards here - just the neighbours comments as they pass by our yard...that makes it all worthwhile for me:D
((CONGRATSSSSSSSSS)))) your garden deserves it!

Yes, but don't want to seem full of myself. I'll put up pics soon--- CONGRATS!! on your award.
Very nice looks lovely.
debe I tried that yesterday but it was buffering for a bit and I thougth the feature wasn't hooked up yet. Thanks I'll thy it again
Your yard is so very pretty..Congrats on all the hard work.We live a manufacture home and my bling is 6 window boxs on the porch rail..Its like yours a labor of love so much fun..
Well Lady H, Great JOB! I like eclectic. It's just my style. I get to frustrated trying to keep everything just so. I like to mix it up a bit. Looks great! No awards here.
Lady H, Love the garden. How wonderful about the award. I grew up with the saying a house is where you live, a home is what you make it. Your home is lovely!
Great work! Congratulations.....!

I like to think I have a nice front yard:D Constant color almost like a screensaver effect.I t changes gradually.Starts out with various bulbs, goes to purple/lavenders and yellows then the orange kicks in then the reds whites and yellows meanwhile the lavenders fade slowly.Then the tall annuals (mostly sunflowers kick in.It ends with artemesia and lavenders and spent blooms for nearly everyone!
Here are a few shots.
The pond is in the back...



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Beautiful gardens Sprout....I think we really appreciate the flowers when you live in our zones as the season is so short.
And how.. We go from freezing temps, snow with winds that will carry your dog away if you don't leash him; to high temps and drought then rain,l ow temps and freezing.

And what do those that were born here say...

Welcome to the Great Lakes*LOL

Everyone says that, quite humorous.
I was born and raised in Grand Rapids till we moved here to TX in 81, It's nice to garden all year here, but sometimes I wish we had a break. There just seems to be something wrong with weedeating and mowing in January.
Sproutling, your flower beds are gorgeous. My neighbor lady said I didn't have enought color in my yard - she does roses - so I added the long bed in front this spring, spent about $300 for edging, soil and plants. It was a big thing for me as I don't usually have that much to play with, but since it was Uncle Sam's stimulus ck, I figured what the heck. So now I have at least one bed that is colorful all summer, still have a gorgeous 3 foot tall cigar plant . This plant is so cool.


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