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Post pics of roses you need named/identified, may be able to help you here!
No promises..but by golly I'm sure we will try! *LOL

Here is one I have.
I call her by the name that was on the package, I understand she is not in fact a Garden Party the folks in Texas may have been drunk when naming her!
I still call her Garden Party ,she still takes my breathe away when she blooms, does get a little black spot but not like she use to I can control it now. He hasn’t gotten other diseases or pest as I recall. Her scent is sweet and heavenly! One can just sit there by her all day and inhale:D:D

Can you name her?

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Kale what a beautiful rose ---I am looking forward to seeing pictures of all the rose that rose gardeners are growing
NO but it looks like a truly faded sister of hers<>I think I may....need her
I have been searching for a good pic, one that you can smell the sweetness in.*lol

Here are few closer -ups*lol
I cant find a clear shot!
I keep forgetting to change the settings on my camera when I finally get to view all the shots that I thought were great they are blurry grrrrrrrr by then the blooms aren't the same:(
Hope I put different pics ..

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Thanks for the suggestion..
I don't think so.
I think Chicago peace is a little orangery correct?
Do you have one? Or seen one personally? Touched one?
I have seen so many pics of it I don't know which is the correct one.Ive seen with over 55 peddles and as little as 16 I have no idea.
It does however remind me of the 4 more I have but not named.
I helped a lady out and she gave me her 4pests and diseased roses; borers and all!
I cut then down and soaked them for a few days in a light solution of bleach water.
I got a bloom from 2 of them! One looks similar to the "garden party" but the texture is completely different, it was not soft and smooth it had a tiny roughness to it and I have to go look for a pic.
Actually, I think my other one(free sorta) may be Chicago Peace! I did a quick search to see what it was I am talking about ...hummm Now to locate a pic, not

I think Chigcargo Peace sits upward,thie Garden Party always shows her face.

Nobody has a clue,:(

Oh, I saw a pic of a GardenParty in someone photobucket, I meant to leave a comment but was called away,then forgot until now.She had one that she called Garden Party that didn't look like mine but not far off in the rosie pinkish reddish family (I think) ..Now to retrack my clicks,,not sure that is even possible*LOL
Maybe someone just stole the name*LOL

Kale :D
Here are the Peace Roses I know and have.
Actually the 1st is my daughter's "Pink Peace" that she planted when she was 5years old.
The next is my "Pink Peace I bought to see if it looked like hers*LOL
Being my Lowel Thomas was red that year stocker/packers were drunk.
Next is my "Peace" that looks like what Garden Party is said to look like.

Look at MY Joseph's Coat! He is said to look like Pinata,I do not think so.
Now,keep in mind; he was in really bad shape when I bough him I had to work with him often and long to get him stable, he had it real hard before I rescued him.
He must have been packed for month on end! Poor fella..gotta love him anyway *LOL!

Is it he? *LOL!

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Kale, I have a garden Party in my album....mine is alot softer in color than yours. Yours does look like my chicago peace. My CP was not orange at all....more of a deep pink and yellow. Mine is gone now :( , it got killed in the ice storm a couple years back. There are so many roses that have that pink/yellow combo. I have a Hondo that looks alot like it before it fully opens. Hondo doesn't look like yours open. My Mississippi Rainbow has the same color scheme but once again looks different as it opens. Hmmmm....I still say Chicago Peace.
no,no no ...Keep in mind I never grew or saw in person.But..all the pics I have he has pointed petals,my Garden Party has ruffly petals a little like Pinata at certain stages of the bloom.
I am leaning towards my new surrendered rose (Someone threw it away) looks like Chicago Peace .
That rose gave me a few magnificent blooms,only they weren't real fragrant and they were not silky soft,they had a little roughness to them (the petals) but the colors of the CPeace that I see in books etc is the same.I am yet to find that rose pic*lol

My Garden Party is a soft heavenly sweet calming scent.
What does Chicago Peace smell like?

I think I found it Lafter,only problem with her is she is suppose to grow 6+feet and she sure doesn't.
What do you think??
You can do a search and view images.She doesnt behave like a straight Hybrid Tea and doesnt grow like a Grandiflora more like a Floribunda..
Hummm..I wonder..

What do you all think?

Here she is !:D:D
She is one of them that I soaked in bleach water for 3 days...!
She did wonderfully until the very end then got just a few black spotted leaves which I removed the sec I saw it on a leaf. Look at this poor looking rose body!:eek::eek::eek:

Kale :)
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All of you all's roses are beautiful. I went to Big lots to day and they had Bare Root roses for $3 each. They hadn't unpacked them so I will go back later in the week and see what they have. Have any off you bought Bare Root Roses? If so how did they do? I want to get a few.
I've bought them in the past and had really good luck with them. I am trying to plant more different kinds of roses besides the hybrid teas.
I think this year I want to plant another david austin rose. I had graham thomas at my old house and loved it. I'm not sure which one I want this year. Last year I got a L.D. Braithwaite. It grew well despite the awfull drought we had last year.
One I happened to see in the box or roses was a Cherokee. I looked it up on the web. It is a pretty white rose. I think I will get that one and I want a yellow and of course Double Delight and Joseph's Coat.

I have an area at the front of my yard next to the street. I would like to make a circle flower bed and grow some roses. Maybe add some shrub roses and a few others. I don't know it. I would like to put a Sago Palm in the middle with the roses around it.
You want to purchase Grade #1 roses they have at least three strong good canes that do not need to be pruned more then 1/2 to 1 1/2 inch or so.
Tons of roses are sold bare root you probably have them already!
Check the stems/canes well for bruises and growth.
Not sure when you can plant them but I am guessing now; up to pretty soon if they are sold now. You can follow what I have written, almost ever rose I bought was bare root Grade1. See the tip that has to be pruned; you really do not want more then that when you buy them! Inspect the whole plant check for borer holes in the knuckle and canes.
When you unwrap it check for DRY mulch in thee if it is do not fret too late they are already at their new home. Just let it sit for a little bit longer and water a little bit more often slowly it will be fine. I bought 2 sorry looking bare roots, Joseph’s coat was one of them ,just water EARLY in the MORNING.Now, can you take a pic of the package it comes in?
I almost exclusively buy from Tyler Texas; I am loyal to them because they have a good variety of breeders, although I'm not certain about their packers *LOL (drunk & mislabeling )
I love them all .Now..keep an eye out for blackspot, not sure how you would even get that in Texas never knows.
There you have it !
Oh BTW white/ light colored roses do attract Jap.Beetles,not sure if that is a concern for you or not ..
JFK was pretty not very fragrant but JB got him a few times then started on QE which truly bothered me thus causing the long nose to come out*LOL
I was ready early in the am for them ..I did get them!*LOL

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