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Canning season starts in our area right about the 1st of June. That's when the local strawberries will hit the corner stands that set up for the season. But now is the time to start checking the Goodwill stores or similar second hand stores to replace the canning jars that have been given away or broken. Be sure to look at the edge on top of the jar though and see if there is a nick in the glass. If there is, the jar will not seal and will be useless for canning. I bet you can surmise that I have forgotten a few times to check that lip.
Me too Randy.:rolleyes::)Took me a couple of those before I learned to check the rims!
I have gotten MANY jars from yard sales,friends & family, and even people I dont know that well,but who knew I did a lot of canning so they "donated" what they had.
Some people I either sold or gave stuff to ,save the jars and bring them back to me.:D Not many--but some. :) And , as I'm sure you know, every "free" jar is like finding a vein of gold!
Last spring my sister'n'law cleaned out her cellar and brought me over probably 8-10 dozen jars(at least)--all sizes. Plus the rings and a few boxes of new lids. A virtual gold mine!!!!!!!! She decided she was all done canning!!:( My brother , of course, says now I have to keep him supplied with my zucchini relish.:D;)
Another suggestion----if your town has a local "bulletin board" --put a sign up for anyone wanting to get rid of canning jars. Sometimes people have some they want to get rid of if you just go do the "lugging" yourself and some will even bring them to you.
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HI I would love to have your zucchini relish recipe. I make squash pickle but I bet the zuke relish would be great as well. You got a treasure trove of jars. I am ready to get started with my canning this year. Come on spring.
I am psyched for canning season. I like the idea of hitting the Goodwill store for used jars. Last year I wanted to can some green tomatoes so that we could have fried green tomatoes during the winter but I couldn't find any jars anywhere. I froze a bunch of tomato sauce, but not enough, so I will double that amount this year.
Jade now is the time to be looking for the canning jars now. Sure can't afford to buy new jars. Some stores charge $13.99 for 12. Sometimes you can find canning jars reasonable at Big Lots and Dollar General. If you pay $6.99 or $7.99 a case you have to consider you are getting the case of jars as well 12 jar rings and lids. New lids and rings are $2 and up. So when you take away the cost of the rings and lids $6.99 or $7.99 a case isn't a bad price.
I bought a box of rings and lids last month at Big Lots Gloria for $2. I do need to check Goodwill for some more jar and go through my mother's next month.
I need to find out if there is a Big Lots near here, my sister told me that it is a great place too.
There is an "Amish" settlement near here--they have a little "store" and that is where I get the bulk of my jars.They have the lowest price around--even for the Ball brand. A box of rings & lids around here was almost $4.00 last year. At the "Amish" store they were a little over $2.50.
Another place I get jars is at Family Dollar. A "dollar" store of sorts.
Sure wish we had a Big Lots around here!!!:rolleyes:

Dale--will dig out my Zuke relish recipe and post it for you. I think this is the best one ever--LOL. Used to make old fashioned cuke relish(which was pretty good) 'till I tried this one!:D Now this is the only one I make.
Zucchini Relish

Zucchini Relish

2c. zucchini
1c. onion
1/2 peppers
1/2 peppers ( I usually use all green peppers--dont really care for red peppers)
2Tkosher or pickling salt
Grind the veggies and layer them with the salt in a big bowl. Cover with water and let set for 2 hours. Then drain, rinse, and drain again.

In a large pot mix
1 3/4 c sugar
1c cider vinegar
2t celery seed
1t mustard seed

Bring this to a boil, add the ground veggies and simmer for about 10 minutes.
Put in sterile jars & seal.
Now------it says to "process" for 10 min. but I found as long as the jars & rims are clean & sterile when you put the lid on and they seal ok---then they are fine.

This makes about 2 pints.:eek: So I usually multiply the recipe x5!! Makes a good batch! :D
I am giving away the last of last years canning projects. I am ready except I need to get in the garden and get stuff planted.
Hey anyone have any recipe for broccoli other than pickled or frozen?? 9 heads ready to cut and more coming
I haven't done alot of canning mostly just jellies, butters and pie filling btu I am looking to start doing more. On a quick side note though I just laugh a bit reading everyone looking for cheap canning jars when the ball jar I have been trying to get for 2 years now costs over $75.00 for one jar. I do run to every estate sale I see just for the jars.
I'll have to check my moms recipe and see if it's the same
She makes it every yr and it's so yummy
We have a 'Big Lots' store over the mountain where we go to breakfast on Saturdays. I hadn't thought of that before, but I'm sure my wife would love to stop there and poke around anyway. There have been several people that have decided they were through with canning and gave me their jars and some other equipment. Laurie has one of the canners that was given to me. I have plenty of quart jars, but I am always in need of the smaller sizes. sfishergirl, you should post a description or photo of the jar you need (or want) because one of us may have one and not know it. My wife bought me a book that has hundreds of the old jars pictured with their relative values. But I am not a collector and I don't intend to start.
I haven't done alot of canning mostly just jellies, butters and pie filling btu I am looking to start doing more. On a quick side note though I just laugh a bit reading everyone looking for cheap canning jars when the ball jar I have been trying to get for 2 years now costs over $75.00 for one jar. I do run to every estate sale I see just for the jars.

Which jar are you trying to get? I have a wide varity of the old ball jars and some atlas and masons. I am a bottle hunter and find most of mine in dumps. I have one I have not been able to locate in books or on line and feel it's value is pretty high. I even have the ceremic & zinc lids and a few glass liners.
Gonepostal thank you for the zucchini relish recipe. It looks scrumptious!!!! I am going to ask Ron or Bob if your recipe post can be duplicated under the recipe section to make sure everyone has the opportunity to see the recipe.
Garage sales are also a great place to pick up jars....I got several boxes of jars last weekend...the price was just right for me
Family Dollar and Dollar General usually stocks the jars, lids and rings. That's where I get mine. Lids are $1 a box for 12. Jars (I like the wide mouth jars for easier washing and packing) are $8.99.The small mouth jars are a dollar cheaper on the dozen and pints for $6.99.
Gosh...I can't wait till Spring, all this canning talk is really making it hard to wait!
Randy and others if you go online to you can sign up what they call the "Buzz" group. Occassionally you get coupons emailed to you for 20% off your entire purchase. You can use the coupon more than once by printing it more than once. Big Lot's coupon is usually good for several days. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to