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I love cheese logs..they are better than cheese balls because you
get nuts evenly in every bite plus a slice fits perfectly on a Ritz :D

8oz sharp cheddar cheese
8 oz old English cheese
8 oz cream cheese
tsp garlic powder
tsp onion powder

and chopped nuts..I used pecans and just choped enough to evenly cover the logs didn't really mesure

put all three cheeses and seasonings in a small mixing bowl
let get to room temperature so it will mix easily

mix thoroughly
set in fridge for an hour or two till it hardens back up up
then on a cookie sheet (or wax paper)
plop the mixture down and with wet hands start making a log (wet hands keeps the cheese from sticking)

here I made 4 small logs as I am the only one who will it and didn't want it
to all go to waste before I got it all ate

So now I can just pull out a "logette" and enjoy :D


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