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Weird word...I was taught to spell it with an "N", which spell-check does NOT like, so I googled and there is boatload of discussion about the proper spelling. Who knew?

Oh well, back to the issue at half of my Kwanzan Cherry is dead. The other half appears healthy. I sure hate to dig up anything that has life left in it but no point in prolonging the agony if the healthy half of this tree is not able to sustain itself over time. What do you guys think? Hope the attachments work!

CherryTree 002 edit.jpg

CherryTree 001.jpg

Not sure if the trunk damage is man made or due to some biological cause.
Here's my thought.
If the healthy side of the tree is BELOW the graft then it won't grow true to the Kwanzan
at that point I would probably get rid of it because you have no clue what the root stock is. But if it is above the graft then I would cut away the dead and see what happens with the healthy half.
Well there is my opinion and Ron will probably know better
Peach tree/cherry tree borer!
The lifted bark is a sure sign their in their tunnelling between the wood and the outer bark! They feed on the live sapwood between the wood and bark making tunnels as they feed!
Best to cut off the infected parts down to good wood!
Half is better then none!
Check out the good side and look for the same damage. If you find any use a piece of a metal coat hanger to probe around under the bark!
Spraying will not kill the larvae under the bark so you have to do it manually with the end of a coat hanger!
Here's the scoop on this pest:
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Thanks Kya and Ron. I was researching images online earlier and came across the borer as the likely problem. I sure hate that! I will print out the publication you mention and get to work on it when I get home. And yes, Ron, I do have a few metal coat hangers that I keep around for things that plastic just can't do! Knew I saved them for a reason.

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