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How long does it take before you plant a cherry tree from a nursery before you get a good crop? I have a 5 in 1 grafted cherry tree. I had 3 cherries last year, when planted and this year showed a super improvement of tons of them.... but as time went by, many buds and tiny cherries fell off.....:confused:


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Welcome to I am not a cheery tree person but I am sure there will be one along in no time. I will; be watching for the answer too.
Enjoy yourself here with us. Hope to see you around


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I have no idea but will watch this thread because I have tried to grow cherries twice now and have managed to kill them both times.


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I bought one of those cherry trees that had four varieties on it, but two of the varieties were lost as those limbs died. But there are two left, both dark cherries; Lambert and Bing. I lose some blossoms and small cherries too, but there are still a lot of cherries left on the tree. If I went to the effort to thin thge cherries and leave about half of them on the tree, I would reduce the loss of cherries and those that are left would be of better quality besides. Thinning would involve ladder work though and since my sense of balance is not that good any more, I try and keep my feet on the ground as much as possible.


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We have bing cherry trees and ours have been loaded with cherries since the first year but we have to move quickly to collect them or the birds will get them all. Our peach tree on the otherhand was loaded the first year and now we only get a few. The tree nursery told us we needed at least two cherry trees for pollenation but would only need one peach...we are thinking maybe we need a second peach. Have you ever tried those fertilizer spikes for fruit trees?


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I have been told that it really depends on your zone. I only grow things that do well in Georgia..especially since we have this lovely red clay. I always go to the nursery and buy plants that I can't grow from seed on my own. I have tried Strawberries too, and twice now I cannot grow them. I would go to a local nursery and ask them. I would also advise that you do some companion planting. Like borage does great with strawberries. Go to google and type in companion planting. Good luck!


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Hi, Teresa. I have a five year old Stella and am wondering the same thing!
How do your leaves look? This year, though my Stella had many flowers,it got black aphids and ruined the crop.


I would expect it to take a while. At least a few years to start getting some edible fruit. Trees are more of a long term process. When you start seeing the fruits of your labor, no pun intended, it is very neat!


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I have a cherry tree that was here when we moved here and there is always new ones coming up from seed that has been dropped. Mine always drop buds, blossoms and cherries. Mine took 5 years from seed to start producing fruit. Five years ago there was one about 8-10 ft from the main tree so I let it grow. Its around 4ft tall and it started producing 2 years ago. Only a handful the first year. Last year there were about 2 qts. and my little great- granddaughter would picked them and eat them. Last year Buford transplanted another one father down in the field. The old tree already has more than I can use but I like to see things grow and I have the cherry bushs which I like better. They are easier to pick and I'm to old to climb anyway.
Good luck on your new cherry tree.


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I bought a cherry tree, there are four species of money, but the two varieties of death for those who have lost limbs. But there are two left, all dark cherry; Lambert and ice. I lost some flowers and cherry too much, but still a lot of cherry trees to leave.


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The Purple leaf Sand Cherry is a small and delicate tree that grows 7 - 10 feet tall and gives off pink blooms and the blooms appear in mid to late spring. It needs well drained soil and full sunlight. Another ornamental cherry tree is called Royal Burgundy Cherry. This is very similar to the Kwanzan in flower and form. This show stopper needs full sun and a moderate climate and grows from 15 - 30 feet. It also needs well aerated soil.
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A friend of mine planted a cherry tree about 3 years ago. It has produced many flowers year round, however, it recently JUST started to produce actual cherries and not many. So yeah, it takes time. You just have to be patient with cherry trees. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to