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In my area of SC the climate is a little different from the upstate, so in late January I start trimming trees and bushes before Spring brings out new growth. Anything I didn't trim in late Fall, gets a new cut now! Rose of Sharon, roses, hibiscus, hydrangia, grape vines, etc. Our temps are in the 50's and 60's now so according to my own's time.
The raking, blowing and burning of any left over leaves are taken care of too. Anything not suitable for the compost bin.. hits the fire! Last week we burned off the 2 acres where we plant our vegetable garden. Later we'll disc this area and fertilize with 5-10-10 fertilizer a week or so before planting time. We plant by the moons phases..and that's another subject to discuss later...
I'm also planning to do some winter sowing soon. Last year was my first and I was really pleased with the results. I think we have a thread on that so I'll continue there later also.
What is everyone doing to prepare for Spring planting?
While the sap is down is the perfect time to prune your trees, which for us is now
My hubby is BIG into spring burning EVERYTHING that does move. I tell the dogs to keep running around or they will be next:) :)
Shoveling snow ;) I did a lot this fall too Gloria in prep for our spring...which is not till late April!!!! Love hearing how spring is sprouting somewhere!!
It's too early to think about getting into the garden when the soil is frozen solid!
But, I love to hear from those who are experiencing spring like weather!
I am doing some real winter sowing! There are so many species that need the ocilating temperatures in order to germinate!
jump over to that thread and we will have lots to talk about!!
I started this thread thinking of trimming trees and shrubs and look where I went!!! Then I thought about moving it and didn't know where to go!! Sorry Ron..I'll try and do better..LOL. Feel free to move it if you like.
I started this thread thinking of trimming trees and shrubs and look where I went!!! Then I thought about moving it and didn't know where to go!! Sorry Ron..I'll try and do better..LOL. Feel free to move it if you like.

My fault!
I took it off topic!
I do have a lot of shrubs that need pruning and shaping and cleaning out deadwood, but I won't do that until they break dormancy.
Rose of Sharon will need some snipping but since I only planted them in August they are a bit small yet to do anything with. Again, best pruned once they break dormancy!
I have one German type Plum tree that has not been pruned in years which I will have to prune around mid-March.
Then there are the sugar pine trees that line the roadway that will need cleaning. This means removing all the deadwood righ back to the trunk. These guys are well over 50 years old and a good 75-90ft tall and they always lose their lower branches as they age! I gotta get them back into shape because of someone sawing off the dead branches leaving a nasty foot or so, sticking out of the trunk. It looks nasty and really destroys the beauty of their trunks!
I should mention all the lilacs and hazelnuts that need some TLC buy cleaning out the deadwood and older sections of the clumps they love to develop!
Then there is the white mulberry that wants to take over and needs to be removed and replaced with something that wont take over.
Then there is the mighty oak that has survived numerous major storms and is detemined to hold on. Have to remove at least three side growths to encourage it to grow upwards rather then outwards. This oak is a good 50+ years old and has a multi trunk!
Along the beach area there are swamp willows, poplars as well as a few ash. All need trimming to clean out deadwood!
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I started this thread thinking of trimming trees and shrubs and look where I went!!! Then I thought about moving it and didn't know where to go!! Sorry Ron..I'll try and do better..LOL. Feel free to move it if you like.
No Gloria - it is quite alright. As we sit looking out at the white landscaping, it warms the heart to know somewhere in our fair land, someone is preparing for spring! Hearing of what you and others are doing ..... just gives us a heads up and a to do list for better weather days ahead! I love spring - my favourite time of year!
I will consult the almanac today to see what it says about our last frost date. My yard looks like nuclear winter, banana trees will come back from the ground if at all, ginger is the same way. My grass if there is any under that brown stuff might start popping back out after all this rain. That's my worry with other things as well if we get another freeze after this warm weather it will surely kill stuff off for good. I am dying to clean up the dead stuff.
I see where my grape vine has been bleeding!! I sprayed it with a sealer, I hope it doesn't die. I guess I jumped the gun a little too early on trimming that one!
Ron, sounds like you're going to be one busy fellow come spring.
Jules, I hope the white stuff melts soon for you. I haven't seen a snow covered yard in about 20 years now.. but with the drastic changes the weather has been doing..there maybe some hope that I see it again in my lifetime.
Crabber..what does the almanac say about last frosts??
I doubt you hurt it any, Gloria. I think it a little early yet to prune grapes here. My friend Salvadore likes to wait until he is sure we won't have any more hard frosts. That's what he does though. He is usually responsible for several of the large vineyards.
I pruned a couple of sucker branches out of the apple tree last weekend. I cut back everything in the garden that the freeze got. I have raked up all the leaves and today I noticed the tulips are popping through out front. I know we have some threat of freeze through Feb. so I'm not getting ready to plant anything too soon.
We wait until the buds break before pruning grapes.
We have wild ones growing along the fence line and need to be pruned back in order to control them.
They do not bleed once the buds break!
Birch and poplars will bleed and are best pruned in either the late fall, or after the buds break! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to