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You can't have too many crock pot recipes, in my opinion. Before I retired, I used my crock pots more, often two crock pots going.
I have a book that I use a lot for Crock Pot cooking. I love this site, Bernie. Thanks for the tip.
Thank you Bernie for the great recipes. I love my crockpot and my daughter and I use ours quite often. I gave my girlfriend one also and she asked for some recipes. I can send her this site.
I'm making the country swiss steak in my crock pot from the site. It smell yummy and I know the men will like it. Thanks for the site..
You are all most welcome.
I've tried sevearl of the recipes and so far they've all been good.
i have started Roma, Rutgers select, patio, beefsteak, cherry, yellow tomatillo and brandy wine, black Russian and a few I can't remember. wondering if any one has a recipe for dilled green tomato's or hot pickled green tomaoto's?? Someone gave us a jar of each, I asked for the recipe a hundred times but it's like pulling out my teeth, no can do.LOL
I find Ball and Kerr books at the thrift store pretty often Good luck finding them.
I really like the older ones they are so down to earth.
GREAT link, Bernie! Thanks. I think often, 'we' forget to read the recipes on the box of...Bisquick or macaroni or a bag of dry beans...I'm with you, Kya ~ simple suits me just fine. I cooked my first parsnips yesterday. Spent a LONG time on-line looking for recipes and then thought: I'm cooking them like a carrot. Turned out very tasty. Curbie
Glad you liked them, Curbie. I won't make stew without them if I have a choice.
Someone on here can't stand them and she's a VERY good cook. Requesting information: Do I buy big ones or little ones? I know it sounds dum but I buy little crook-neck squash and zucchini. So I dont nkow if they are more bitter if large ? ? ? ~ Curbie
My mom used to parboil parsnips and slice them lenghway then dip them in egg then seasoned flour and pan fry them.
Thanks, Kya! That sounds quite nice. I've heard you can boil them and add them to mashed potatoes? Do you know if that's right? Large Parsnips or small parsnips? I tasted one raw. It really seemed like a carrot but white. I like them. Thanks ! Curbie :)
Sometimes large can mean tougher veggies. One year my root vegetables grew to huge sizes but they were not tough. I had parsnips that were 5" across the crown and 18" long. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to