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Hi Y'all
I just cut back a bunch of my adeniums...if anyone wants any of them for trade or postage please let me know!

Here's a list of what I have cut so far...
Fragrant delight, Asian Star, Holland Pink, My Country X Plastic, Star of Top, Have a Dream, Super Moonlight Fairy, Royal ruby, Dark Forest, Uranium, Love affairs of star, Red Sunfonia, Arrogant, Beauty Cloud, Funny Bunny X Pandora, Kiss Star, Garden of Falling Star, Small red Plum, Rung Siam, Red Star of Taiwan, Somalense, Royal Gem X ?, Apollo, Red Aurora, Pandora X Purple Crown, and Samoan Pink.

I will have more soon!
Not sure how long these cuttings will be viable so we will need to make trades quickly!

God Bless You
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