*&@#$!%^ Cutworms

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Kya D

Active Member
Stupid cutworms got my row veggies. Beets, chard, spinach, etc.
Hate em all... any advice on getting rid of them?
I don't know what to tell you then. Often here in the South the cut worms come with the cooler temps.
Thank you Sunflower those links are great.
Dale I wish it were cooler here.
They mostly tell how to control them in hills but those dirty little beasts are taking my rows gurrrrrrr
Diatomaceous earth ( buy at pool supply stores or even Wal mart - in the pool section-in some cities) is a natural killer of soft bodied insects. It is the shell bodies of corals ground up. It is used as a filtration in pool pumps. The microscopic edges of the bodie are razor sharp to insects. Just spread on the ground around the plant. You will have to reapply after rain;)
Dawn I hope you can get rid of them soon. Wonder why you never had them before.
Slugs are my biggest problem here. Last year I hardly had any, but I am seeing quite a few this year.
I lost 15 years worth of dozens of varieties of bearded iris due to iris borers, I still can't plant them in my beds. Some years I have slug problems, not recently, I buy the ortho slug bait and that helps.
Annette I have never heard of an iris borer. That is horrible to loose all that work to a borer.

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