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Does anyone have any good methods of dealing with Cyclamen during the summer months. They are suppose to have a "rest" period and not grow. I have tried putting them in a darker spot and covering them with plates. I can't put them in a closet because our house is too hot if they are not close to the a/c. However they look scraggly if they don't go through their "rest" period. I have had these for a few years now and have never been able to get them to "rest".
I received two for my birthday '07the blooms were just fading, I read up on it and tried to do as instructed. Here is the end result.I did transplant them (instructed) into the pot you see here; each had the same old and now new size pot each look like this one *LOL
So as far as advise...Dont listen to me *LOL No blooms I got a tiny bit of leggy growth then they died. I had them outdoors like instructed in full shade then brought them in.Kept them moist but not wet.

If a plant is to flower between November and April indoors forget me,if it does bloom I didn't have anything to do with it!*LOL

Mail them to me I'll get them to "rest" in no time *LOL:D

Are yours growing, just not blooming?



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Boy I sure killed some cyclamen last year. I tell you, they are on MY list of difficult plants to grow. They don't at my house.
I never buy florist cyclamen. They are a waste of time and I hate watching them slowly die!
Switch species: (winter hardy to zone 4) I started some winter hardy cyclamens from seed. It was very interesting to note that I sowed them in January and placed the pot in a ziplock, then I waited! In late May I was going to chuck the soil and write off the experience as a negative. I looked in the pot and here was a small leaf emerging from the soil! I scratched the soil around the leaf and found a small tuber the size of a tiny pea (o)
I did some research which stated that it may take a few months before you see anything. Seems that the seed germinates and develops a tuber before sending up a leaf!
Makes sense to me! This is August, and I have a pot full of seedlings, with more popping up through the soil.
Here's a photo of my little guys!
I will be transplanting them this fall into my front shade garden!
Should be interesting to see what happens next year!


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Wow Ron you are the patient Gardener. I am learner so much from everyone her. I started some seeds yesterday. They are in a little greenhouse in my south facing window.
Ron. Those are just cute. Really CUTE... I just may have to try it as you said.. The one I had that I killed was a pot I picked up at the grocery florist.. So now I don't feel so guilty.. Thank you for my redemption..
They are cute!
Now I know why the garden sites want $6 per bulb! They do take their own time to grow, not mine! These guys will bloom in the the late summer through fall after a summer dormancy! Will bloom again late winter'early spring, then go dorment again for the summer months. It will take these guys 2+years to develop a large enough tuber to bloom! Latin name for the ones I have is C. hederifolium! I bought the seeds from
Patient! Yup! That's me! I wanted something different, and they were on my long list of hard to find perennials to collect, as are various species of winter hardy cacti for my sandy zone 5/6! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to