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I’m a little Sproutling this I must say,
give me some dirt and I shall play.
Look all around and you will see,
lots of little Sproutlings laughing with me!

Ain't I a card? Nope...not a card I'm a Sproutling!:D:D

Sure can't wait to post everywhere been aching to see all My Pals!
Hi Pals!

Your Pal,

So much for names*LOL
Welcome Sproutling.............sounds like you know "some" of us..........:)
Yes..I'm hoping it will be a blast like before, simply wonderful friends, that I have been so lost without. Been reading and searching for everything that interest me, maybe I can help out with some situations now that I know something! *LOL

Im so happy! Have a few calls I'll be back!

SO ....
come out come out who ever you are....
we all seem so eager to know who you are....
Welcome! Welcome!.... come play with all....:)
Ok so I am no poet....but seems you are very familar
Play and sow,
you don't know?
Who can it be
but me?

Me as a baby Sprout and now as a Sproutling!*LOL


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Maingal look at the pics!
It is me when we first met at GG and now that I'm almost all grown up *LOL

Kale grows well here in MI!
actually Kale grows all sorts of stuff here in MI!
Dont you like Sproutling ??? Or is it Kale that needs to sign up ?

I knew it was you ----You little sprout of Kale! I am so glad to see you here! I had suggested a few names for you from the old neighborhood in another thread, just to get you here sooner. How ya doin girlfriend???
Hey I Am fine..hanging in there.What new with you ??
Why would you move to NJ? That floored me.have you gone to Brooklyn lately?? I went Upstate to see dear Mom, she had heart surgery May of 07.
She just had her gall badder taken out on Nov 4th.
She is ok.

I'm stuck here in Mi..cold, short gardening season MI.
trying to keep busy..this site will settle it I think I'll just sit and write all day forget the house*LOL troubles and sorrows....

I saw that thread you are speaking of.... I posted there...Very funny Gardener...Very funny...

Like my kale pics??*LOL

Sorta like the Kale name huh?

I think I grew out of it.

I think Im going through a midlife crisis, getting tired of the same old stuff.
Maybe a different hubby, one with hair*LOL He shaves his head:( Im going to buy him a wig*LOL or just plop some kale upon his head *LOL hehehe Oh my I shouldn't be talking about my baldie hubby like that, besides it wouldn't stay there long he'd say thank you my little lotus blossom take it off his head and eat it *LOL and he would too...

Hey it is great to see you!
I have to say I am tired I havent slept trying to think of a username*LOL
Here's my pond...just a little one but..I love it!



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Hi Whit!
Great to see you ..
I never did get my greenhouse built but have a few mini ones!
I understand it is a whole new world of gardening.


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