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I thought I would share a few rose's that still have a few bloom's here in Dec.
I made these photo's this morning after the rain stopped.Their not the best but better than none for this time of year.


  • Mom's flowers 09 001.JPG
    Mom's flowers 09 001.JPG
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  • Mom's flowers 09 002.JPG
    Mom's flowers 09 002.JPG
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  • Mom's flowers 09 003.JPG
    Mom's flowers 09 003.JPG
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  • Mom's flowers 09 004.JPG
    Mom's flowers 09 004.JPG
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  • Mom's flowers 09 006.JPG
    Mom's flowers 09 006.JPG
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A few more


  • Mom's flowers 09 007.JPG
    Mom's flowers 09 007.JPG
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  • Mom's flowers 09 008.JPG
    Mom's flowers 09 008.JPG
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  • Mom's flowers 09 009.JPG
    Mom's flowers 09 009.JPG
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  • Mom's flowers 09 005.JPG
    Mom's flowers 09 005.JPG
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WELL that is cruel here I am shoveling snow and you are picking roses. :)
They are beautiful..
I was going to say the same but glad you posted them, keep us in blooms as long as you can. sure do miss wombat and his blooms during our winters. i've emailed him a few times and haven't heard anything from him. praying he is ok and just busy.
Those are nice! I have a couple still trying to bloom but they don't look so hot!
They're GORGEOUS!!!

Beautifull blooms there!!! I'd still have some too but had to cut them back when we moved as they were the only ones that came with me. Was looking at them yesterday and seem to have lost one for sure and two don't look so good. I'm hoping that the other five make it. Keep posting your blooms to keep us cheery!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
has anybody pictures with yellow roses ? that one doesn't look very nice

LOL genes I know these rose's look bad.Can't expect better for the middle od December .They have been through a lite frost and rain for three days.Maybe I can find a yellow to share from this summer.


  • MOMS_FLOWERS_004.jpg
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  • MOMS_FLOWERS_005.jpg
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Spider_Lily! Gorgeous..They look fine.
My last rose cutting that I brought in was "All Miss American Beauty,
She bloomed well from around or before the 26th until the 7th of December.

How are they now?
They can recover somewhat from frosts..

I had a post but lost it someplace...
Now, let me see,
Is the white one in post #2 JFK?
Post #2 first one, Intrigue? (ok, it looks like Intrigue in the small pic but now that I see it bigger is it (deep red velvet ) Oklahoma?
Do you have another pic of the second one?
Is the third pic (yellow) a bud of the post #9?
Is yellow bloom #9 post New Day or Sunblest?
How tall did it get?
Ok last question, if you know…Is the last pic (post #2) Circus?

All are beautiful thank you for sharing!:D

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