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Hi all,
Well, I couldn't stand the suspense any longer, and since we had thunderstorms knocking on the door, I went ahead and went to both woods to check my cameras.. I did get a picture of the doe and fawn at Carolyn's, but I had that particular camera set on low resolution since it's compact disk (card) went bad and I'm still waiting on the new one to come... The other three pictures I uploaded are from a different woods where I hunt... Notice the udder on the doe in the second picture... She has not brought her faw(s) to any of the cameras yet, but will pretty soon... Anyhow, here is what I did get... Dave


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I had a momma in my back yard last night but the baby is still hidden. They bring them out around July 4th around here
Great shots Dave, thanks for sharing with us
The girl squirrel in my yard showed off her new baby today! Mom was proud as punch as baby ran circles around her.
Nice pics Dave!
Dave is that a beaver? Couldn't see the tail. Inquiring minds want to know.
Here is a better picture of the doe up close so you can see her better including her udder...

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She's a beauty Ironknees. In my area of SC, hunting season lasts from Sept 15 til Jan 1. Venison falls right under beef on the ranking list.
I can't hunt myself..I did a lot of years ago but something happened and I couldn't bare to pull a trigger on one now. Hubby does the hunting, I do the cooking.
I am so jealous. I wish I had the cameras to pull that off. That is so cool. I love seeing them in "their" natural habitat. Very nice keep sharing with us please.
Gloria, I feel the same way. I know that deer have to be managed. That means harvesting some so the remainder do not become diseased and malnourished. But someone else is going to have to do the harvesting.
Four flavors well she has 3 over on our cows cuz we milk the brown cows to get chocolate milk.
My Dad used to say " We have old horses for old riders, young horses for young riders, and for folks who have NEVER ridden we have horses that have never been ridden"
Believe it or not, that IS something that I have to wrestle with.... Most hunters, contrary to public opinion, have a deep love for nature and conservation... There are those who will never listen to this, and don't believe it, but it's very true... Sure, there are some hunters who trespass, don't go by local game laws etc., etc., but every single hunter that I know is very much in love with nature in all her glory and with conservation in general...
I DO believe it. Having had to kill a few birds to feed my family has still not hardened my heart. I get depressed even when I have to end the life of a mean rooster!
I went into a divorce fighting for a rifle and I told the Judge "That rifle will feed my family if the time comes that I need it"
He gave me the rifle.
I still have that 30-30 but I have not had to use it YET!!!
But if my family were hungry I do know how to use it and I would.
I am NOT a big hunter but I do know how.
And when your belly button touches your backbone even VENISON would taste pretty good.
Wonderful shots Dave! Thanks so much for sharing.
Dave I do believe it. My little sister and brother in law are avid hunters but they are madly in love with nature and died in the wool conservationist.

I could never hunt. I’ve had an unreasonable fear of guns since I was a child. I have no idea why since I never had a bad experience until I was an adult. When I see a gun my legs go weak, I shake like a leaf, I turn white, start sweating and can't speak. In my mid twenties a man pulled a gun on me and I passed out. Thankfully he didn’t shoot me. I think my fainting scared him as I’m told he just ran off. My husband and my sons all love guns but they know not to bring them out if I'm around. I guess if it comes to it and no one will hunt for me I'll just have to become a vegetarian.
Beautiful pictures!! I took a picture of my momma rabbit feeding her seven's not a good picture as I took it through a screened window as I was scared I would scare them away if I went outside. I need to find time to get to my computer to post's precious. Keep your pictures coming...they are wonderful! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to