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Who else has problems with the deer eating everything in the yard?
I've fenced in a small veggie garden so they can't get to it.
I tried fishing line around some of my flower garden but they broke it.
I've used liquid fence and have also made my own spray out of eggs, garlic, veggie oil and water.
What do you do to keep them from eating your gardens?
I have the rabbit problem under control. My darling little kitty Missy just love eating When I first moved here I would keep the screen door open a bit so she could come and go as she pleased. One night I was laying on the couch and I heard some strange noises coming from under the side table by the couch, which I didn't pay to much attention to thinking she was just playing with something. The next day I went to work and she was out for the day, upon returning I went right to the door to call her and as I walked past the end table I almost gagged, what the hell was that smell! I looked and saw the hind legs and stomach and stomach contents on my rug. What a sight and smell to be greeted with. Well needless to say the screen door is no longer open for her, but she was bring home a rabbit every day. By the end of the season there weren't many rabbits running around. If anybody wants to rent her I will consider all
In my area, deer hunting is a big deal so I'm not bothered too awful bad with them. Most of the land around our part of SC is leased out for hunting. Venison is used by almost everyone around here. Hubby and I make sausage, ground hamburger, summer sausage, jerky and roasts. Hamburger and sausage is made by adding ground beef or pork fat to the ground venison.
Bagging a deer is not done as a sport nor is the meat wasted. If one is killed and not wanted, it's usually delivered to Tara Hall, Orphanage for boys. The boys clean it and learn to prepare and cook it.
Well, I made a short story long..
What I was going to say before I rattled on.. Laurie, I've seen white grocery bags tied on to the fishing line about every 8 foot..looks tacky, but scares the deer.
What a summer just as soon as the beans broke ground the deer ate the tops right off. They even ate tomatoe tops! HAIR! It works. I am shedding like a summer cat so I have plenty. ( Ain't getting old full of surprises) If you aren't loosing your hair hit up the local salon. They may be very happy to give you some. The best thing to do is make a barrier around where they enter the area and then hang some on the plants they have been eating. Hot pepper spray will work for rabbits but you reall have to have it stick good. Also just dusting with hot ground pepper will work it hurts their noses.
The bags are a good idea as is old CD's. They spin and flash it make the deer leary of getting to close.
I've tried the cd's and the plastic bags and they havent worked
will have to try the hair again, need to have my friend save it now for me so i'll have plenty to use next yr and maybe i'll put some out this winter too
There was a time years ago I did have a problem and so I got a battery powered radio, turned it on and left it in my garden....batteries got expensive so I bought a couple of hundred foot extension cords and plugged it in. It has a least you can listen to your favorite tunes while keeping the critters away.
I've heard of tying Irish Spring soap to stakes and putting them in the ground at the height the deer would feed at. Seemingly they don't like the smell.
I used to have a radio in my garden playing 24/7 and I did enjoy it when I was in the yard. Everytime we got a bad tstorm it would set the breaker off and the freezer is on the breaker as that's the only plug down cellar so had to stop the radio. Everyone said the deer were dancing in my garden and having a garden party. LOL
i've heard irish spring and also ivory but then i know someone who put the small bars of soap out and the deer at them while they were destroying her shrubs, guess it matters how hungry the deer are
Laurie, I only have one sure fire method but you need a steady hand and good eye...get yourself a shot gun and a hunting permit!!! LOL. I'll send you all the recipes you'll need and the deer won't be depleating your vegetables but adding meat to the pot!
I would shoot them if I could but I live on a game preserve. I need to get ahold of the game wardens and see what I can do.
The month of Nov is deer hunting season with guns
Oct is archery
first 2 weeks in Dec is black powder
Don't quote me on the exact dates but these are rough dates on our deer hunting seasons
i believe you can only bag 1 a season, maybe you can get 1 for each weapon, not sure
Try some bird netting.

Drape it over the plants and you can adjust it as the plants grow. Bees can still get in to do their thing.

You can't see it until you are on top of it.

Place some plants deer don't like in and around your garden.


Plants that have a smell and deer leave alone.

My mom was just saying earlier that she hadn't seen any deer across the street in her yard and about an hour later 2 does went full tilt right between my house and my neighbor's. I called mom and told her she should have been looking out her window.
Mainegal, I read and heard there is nothing that will actually keep them out if they are hungry.I was wondering if a LOUD recording of gun shot would work*LOL
They seem to scatter at that sound!
I don't have a dear problem, but would enjoy the challenge.:)

Swindy.... You are indeed just too much for words*LOL

Gloria, too funny!*LOL you need a permit to play a recording of the SHOTGUN!

There was a time years ago I did have a problem and so I got a battery powered radio, turned it on and left it in my garden....batteries got expensive so I bought a couple of hundred foot extension cords and plugged it in. It has a least you can listen to your favorite tunes while keeping the critters away.

I tried the radio thing I found that the
Raccoons and possum sleep well to the radio!
They just bring their whole family to reside in my garage.Radio soothes them!
I tried talk radio AM and smooth jazz to violent rock,they do not care they will sleep to anything*LOL!

Papa2mykids, I was told that Lavender was eaten too by a friend that has a home Up North.That was of course after all the Roses and Hostas were gone!
If that be the case Make several long window box like containers and plant mints and all kinds of herbs.Cilantro scent is a favorite yukk to me.

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