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Do you know what the heck this is?I was out at our barn found this growing never seen it before.So you know I had to investigate.I reached down grabed hold was going to pull one up and look at it.That thing stung the snot out of my finger's they still feel like they have been burned today numb like.


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Stinging nettle!
You can cook it and eat it. Cooking makes the leaves safe. It's great in an omlette!
Stinging nettle. Avons skin so soft will take thee sting out instantly. I carry a stick(like a deoderant stick) of it with when I hike. It also works as an insect repellant.
Stinging nettle!
You can cook it and eat it. Cooking makes the leaves safe. It's great in an omlette!
I'm not eating it:eek:LOL I took my trusty hoe to it this morning.I have no clue where it came from unless it came in a bale of horse hay.But it's hopefully gone now.:)
I don't blame you for taking it out. I know it has some good properties but I want nothing to do with it.
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